Indiana RadioWatch: March 12, 2018

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From the Reading Pile: Last August, Scott Fybush and I took a trip to Michiana and West Michigan. Read Scott's chronicle of our adventure.

Mark down March 14 through March 28: That's the time when several IRW-land radio stations can file new FM translator CP applications. All of these are singleton applications. During this time, the stations will file a long form FCC Form 349 online. Here's the list:

Woof Boom Radio Muncie for 101.1fm, Anderson.
The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago for 101.3fm, Anderson.
Princeton Broadcasting Co., Inc. for 94.3fm, Princeton.
WSJM, Inc. (Mid-West Family Broadcasting) for 106.1fm, St. Joseph, Michigan.


Where Are They Now? Former then-WKJG (Channel 33, Fort Wayne) News Director Bob Rockstroh will become the next News Director for WFFF-TV in the Burlington, Vermont/Plattsburgh, New York market.


Where Are They Now? Former WSJV-TV News Director Perry Boxx will join WPSD-TV in Paducah, Kentucky. Here's Mr. Boxx's internal e-mail announcing his departure from WEEK-TV/WHOI-TV in Peoria, Illinois, and the WPSD-TV internal e-mail introducing him. (h/t Rick Gevers).


Indiana Public Radio's NPR affiliate/WBST (92.1fm, Muncie) will soon have a new tower. Their current 40-year-old tower will be dismantled. The new tower and current tower are next to each other, just off IN-332, west of Muncie. The new solid steel tower has a Shively three bay antenna, with radomes. Also, WBST purchased a new 5kW GatesAir transmitter, running 3kW, ERP. This new transmitter will succeed WBST's 30-year-old Harris tube transmitter. Finally, WBST will also add a new Orban audio processor.


Where Are They Now? Former WRTV-TV News Director Tim Larson exits KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


A judge sentenced both John Collins and Kathleen Featherstone in the death of Terre Haute DJ Matt Luecking. Mr. Collins received a 60 year sentence, while Ms. Featherstone received a 30 year sentence.

Jade Scott exits Heartland Media's CBS affiliate/WTHI-TV (Channel 10, Terre Haute) as Digital Executive Producer. Ms. Scott will become the new Digital Director for DLC Media's 9 radio stations. Ms. Scott succeeds Shelley Crooks who will move to a part-time position at DLC’s Brazil location.


Where Are They Now? Former WQMF/WTFX PD Charlie Steele will become OM for the Dick Broadcasting radio stations in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Where Are They Now? Former Evansville broadcaster and programmer Sky Phillips exits WDSD in the Wilmington/Dover, Delaware market.

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Blaine Thompson
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