Indiana RadioWatch: November 16, 2017

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We'll be back with news on Monday. Below, you will find some Q&A that I did with several Indiana broadcasters, at the IBA Conference on Friday November 3.

Q: What did you learn at the IBA conference?

Mike Hulvey, Neuhoff Media VP/COO: "It was good to get caught up on information ahead of the move to the on-line public file in 2018. Also, Fred Jacob's information is always interesting and relevant. Having Sen. Smith at the conference was appreciated. The timing of the House mark-up with President Trump's tax bill and advertising deductibility not being a part of the plan was good."

WIBC/Indianapolis News Director Chris Davis: "This is the second year that I have attended IBA. And, for the second year they have done a fantastic job putting together a program for just about everybody in the business. I am encouraged that the IBA is providing breakout sessions that encourage people on the artistic side of the business. Kevin Robinson this year, and Valerie Geller last year, are the best at what they do. They teach great broadcasting skills, great storytelling, and communication in an industry which has to some degree been sterilized in the last 20 years. Many people coming into the business since the late 90s have not known what it is like to have great coaching, and the IBA has provided that opportunity with these breakout sessions."

Q: What new interesting things did you learn about at the exhibitor booths?

Kevin Berlen, engineer at Berlen Technical Service: "I discovered that Gates Air's transmitter line has some commonality between their radio and TV transmitters. Great for AM/FM combo stations!"

Woof Boom Radio VP/OM Steve Lindell: In the booths, I was able to mentally spend a lot of my bosses' money! It was also great to talk to the National Guard reps that were there, and thank them for their service as well as their support of the IBA.

Q: Anything else you think is relevant?

WPTA-TV News Director Jonathan Shelley: "It's a rare opportunity for all of Indiana's broadcasters to come together -- to reconnect and to remind ourselves that, though we may be competitors in one sense, we are all in this together. The strength of every television and radio station relies, at least in part, on the strength of all of us. It's good to see what others in our business are up to, to hear from them directly and to learn how IBA is helping all of us do our jobs better."

Woof Boom Radio VP/OM Steve Lindell: "There were so MANY interesting sessions, I found myself having to leave some to get to another - I wish I was cloned for the day, so I could be at them all. Additionally, Woof Boom Radio was honored to have 5 Finalist awards (WLBC's Simon Hoying and Jay Garrison for Personality of the Year, and WLBC as Station of the Year) and 2 Spectrum winners (WLBC for Local Community Service, and Brian Casey for small market Personality of the Year) as well as the new Saved My Bacon Award to our Sean Mattingly - well deserved."

That's all for this issue. Thank you for your continued support.

Blaine Thompson
Indiana RadioWatch

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