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The Essentials

Call Letters: WBAA-FM
Frequency: 101.3fm
City of License: West Lafayette
Metro(s): Lafayette
Power: 14,000 watts @ 394 feet feet (Class B1)
Format: Classical
Address: 712 Third Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2005
Phone: 765.494.5920
Ownership: Purdue University
Web Presence:
Notes: WBAA-HD2 has a jazz format.

Station Personnel


GM: Mike Savage (November 1, 2013 - Current) (From Director/GM at WKCC-FM in Kankakee, Illinois)
Chief Engineer: Bob Henning
OM: Dave Baes (May 2016 - Current)
PD: Dr. Greg Kostraba
MD: John Clare (February 2016 - Current) (From PD at KMFA in Austin, Texas)
News Director: Stan Jastrzebski
Membership Director: Courtney Schmidt (2015 - Current)
Underwriting Coordinator: Brian Garrity (April 2002 - Current)
Underwriting Coordinator: Roy Johnson
Underwriting Coordinator: Pamela Dunn
Mornings: Morning Edition (5am - 8am)
Mornings: Chris Morisse Vizza (5am - 8am) (Local Host)
Mornings: John Clare ("Morning Classics") (8am - 12pm)
Middays: Performance Today (12pm - 2pm)
Middays: Dr. Greg Kostraba ("Afternoon Classics") (2pm - 4pm)
Afternoons: All Things Considered (4pm - 6:30pm)
Evenings: Marketplace (6:30pm - 7pm)
Nights: Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin (7pm - 8pm)
Nights: various symphony orchestra broadcasts (8pm 10pm)
Overnights: Classical Music (10pm - 5am)


GM: Dan Skinner (October 1992 - October 2006) (Now Director/GM at Kansas Public Radio in Lawrence, Kansas)
GM: Tim Singleton (Retired)
Chief Engineer: Ralph Townsley (Deceased 11 February 1998)
Chief Engineer: Jim Keen (January 2011 - 2013)
OM: Bette Carson Mogridge (? - January 2016) (Retired)
PD: Brandi Parisi (PD: January 2002 - ?) (From KSJN in St. Paul, Minnesota) (Now the afternoon host at KQAC-FM in Portland, Oregon)
PD: Caryl Matthews (? - January 2002) (Retired)
News Director: Mike Arnold (Now Associate Director/Director of Content at Wisconsin Public Radio)
News Director: Mike Loizzo (Now a reporter/anchor for the Nebraska Radio Network, based in Lincoln, Nebraska)
Mornings: Brandi Parisi (8am - 12pm) (Fall 2001 - ?) (From KSJN in St. Paul, Minnesota) (Now the afternoon host at KQAC-FM in Portland, Oregon)
Mornings: Kristin Malavenda (5am - 8am) (Local Host) (Now Marketing and Communications Coordinator in the Purdue University School of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
Mornings: Jan Simon ("Morning Classics") (8am - 12pm) (? - December 2015) (Retired)
Nights: Gillian Martin ("Classical Music") (10pm - 12am)

Station History

WBAA-FM signed on February 1, 1993. Originally granted call letters WFUC (in 1991), but those never made it on the air.

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