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The Essentials

Call Letters: WMGI
Frequency: 100.7fm
City of License: Terre Haute
Metro(s): Terre Haute
Power: 50,000 watts @ 489 feet (Class B)
Format: CHR
Address: 824 S. 3rd Street, Terre Haute, IN 47807-4609
Phone: 812.232.4161
Ownership: Midwest Communications, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM/Terre Haute Market Manager: Tim Huelsing
Chief Engineer: Jerry Arnold
GSM: Dave Wisniewski
OM: Steve Cannon
PD: Shawn Powers
Mornings: Shawn Powers (6am - 10am)
Mornings: Kelsey Gronda (6am - 10am)
Middays: AJ (10am - 3pm)
Afternoons: Jay Cruz (3pm - 7pm)
Nights: Jayson Slade (7pm - 12am)
Weekends: Tommy Fox (Saturday 2pm - 7pm)
Weekends: Most Requested Live with Romeo (Saturday 7pm - 12am)
weekends: American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest (Sunday 6am - 10am)
Weekends: Tommy Fox (Sunday 10am - 2pm)
Weekends: Christina (Sunday 7pm - 12am)



GM: Bob Rouse
Chief Engineer: Harold Wesley
GM: Michael Raftis
SM: Russ Eisenhardt
PD: Alan Kunkel
PD: Rich Dickerson
MD: R. Jay Cortrecht (1974 - 1978)
MD: Randy Scwhartz
MD: Frank Rush
News Director: Jim Wright
Middays: R. Jay Cortrecht (1974 - 1978)
Middays: Frank Rush (from Nights)


Market Manager: Becky Dole (November 2007 - ?)
Market Manager: Bill Cain (July 2008 - December 2012; MM: 2009 - December 2012) (From OM/PD) (From Director of Programming for the Mountain Broadcasting radio stations in Missoula, Montana.)
GM: Paula Phillips (1978 - July 1997)
GM: Bob Swanson (March 1998 - ?)
GM: Jack Swart (February 2012 - ?) (Now GM of the Community Broadcasters stations in Sumter, South Carolina)
GM: Amy Dillon
SM: Marv Phillips (? - July 1997)
PD: Beau Richards (? - January 1999) (From PD at WYAV in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
PD: Steve Smith (PD: October 1999 - October 2004; MD before that) (Now PD/afternoons at WZYP in Huntsville, Alabama)
PD: Rich O'Brien (November 2006 - ?; Was also PD from ? until October 1999)
PD: Jamie Dawson (? - July 11, 2008)
PD: Natalie Randall (2009 - 2013)
PD/MD: Chad Edwards (MD: April 2000 - November 2000)
PD/MD: Matt Luecking (PD: November 2004 - June 2005; MD: November 2000 - June 2005) (Deceased 24 October 2016)
MD: David Day (? - April 1998) (Now mornings at WCSQ in Charleston, South Carolina)
APD: Jay Michaels (Now PD at WRWM)
APD/MD: Kolene Kaye
APD/MD: Tim Shelton ("Tim") (From nights, as "Jimmy Rush" at WVBB)
MD: Frank Rush
News Director: Mark Edwards
Promotions Director: Stacey
Production Director: Ryan Crash
Production Director: Ryan Ross
Mornings: Michael Echols (Now out of radio)
Mornings: David Day (? - April 1998) (Now out of radio)
Mornings: Rich O'Brien (April 1998 - ?; Afternoons: ? - April 1998) (Now out of radio)
Mornings: Wendy Allen (? - October 1998) (Now mornings at WMAD in Madison, Wisconsin)
Mornings: Beau Richards (? - January 1999) (From PD at WYAV in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) (Now afternoons at KQID in Alexandria, Louisiana)
Mornings: Ann Taylor (November 1999 - ?) (From middays at WJPS)
Mornings: Steve Smith (6am - 10am) (November 1999 - October 2004; Nights: ? - April 1998; Afternoons: April 1998 - ?; Middays: ? - November 1999) (Now PD/afternoons at WHHY in Montgomery, Alabama)
Mornings: Angie Baines (6am - 10am) (April 2000 - ?) (Now out of radio)
Mornings: Tara Summers (6am - 10am) (November 2002 - ?)
Mornings: Jamie Dawson (5am - 10am) (Mornings: November 2004 - July 11, 2008; Nights: November 2003 - November 2004)
Mornings: Julie (5am - 10am) (From Middays)
Mornings: Tim Shelton ("Tim") (6am - 10am)
Mornings: Stacey (6am - 10am)
Mornings: Jay Michaels (6am - 10am) (From afternoons) (Now PD at WRWM)
Mornings: Storm Avery (6am - 10am) (Now afternoons at WLFW)
Mornings: Nick Steele ("The Mix Morning with Nick and Kristen") (6am - 10am) (2012 - ?) (Now mornings at KNTY in Sacramento, California)
Mornings: Kristen Flowers ("The Mix Morning with Nick and Kristen") (6am - 10am) (2012 - ?) (Now mornings at KNTY in Sacramento, California)
Middays: R. Jay Cortrecht (1991 - 1994)
Middays: Frank Rush (from Nights)
Middays: Kolene Kaye (10am - 3pm) (Overnights: July 2007 - ?; MD: November 1999 - March 2000; Middays back then also.)
Middays: Kelly Green
Middays: Chad Edwards (10am - 3pm) (November 2000 - October 2004; MD: April 2000 - November 2000; Nights: April 1998 - ?; Overnights: ? - April 1998)
Middays: Dan Andrews
Middays: John Crumb (10am - 3pm) (? - February 2006)
Middays: Adam Michaels (Afternoons before that) (From PD/Mornings at WCBH) (Now morning co-host at WBOW)
Middays: Bill Cain (10am - 12pm) (? - December 2012) (From Director of Programming for the Mountain Broadcasting radio stations in Missoula, Montana.)
Afternoons: James Gregory (From afternoons at WWXM in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
Afternoons: Matt Luecking (3pm - 7pm) (? - June 2005; Overnights: April 1998 - ?) (From overnights at WCBH) (Deceased 24 October 2016)
Afternoons: Rich O'Brien (November 2006 - ?)
Afternoons: Ryan Ross (3pm - 7pm)
Afternoons: Natalie Randall ("Diva Natalie") (2pm - 6pm) (Now PD at KSPW in Springfield, Missouri)
Nights: Ben Davis (7pm - 12am) (March 2000 - November 2003) (From weekends at WSNY in Columbus, Ohio) (Now OM at the Alpha Media cluster in Louisville, Kentucky.)
Nights: Patrick O'Malley
Nights: Aaron Green (7pm - 12am) (January 2005 - ?) (Did overnights awhile ago)
Nights: Just Plain Joe (6pm - 11pm) (Now APD/Afternoons at WHHD in the August, Georgia market)
Nights: Brion O'Brion (7pm - 11pm) (February 2014 - April 2014) (Now nights at KYKY in St. Louis, Missouri)
Nights: Tommy Fox (7pm - 11pm) (From overnights)
Nights: Jake Kelly (7pm - 12am)
Late Nights: Kyle West (10pm - 2am) (Now nights at WTHI)
Overnights: T.J. Michaels
Overnights: Will ("Wonderbread") (12am - 5am)
Weekends: Chuck Mason (June 2007 - September 2010) (Once did Overnights, as well.) (Now out of radio)
Weekends: Len Steinmeier
Weekends: Apollo "On the Radio"
Weekends: Chris Knight
Weekends: Ashley Hood
Weekends: Tommy Walker
Weekends: Heather
weekends: Julie Henricks
Bryan Thomas
Taylor Vaughn
Chris Wilguess ("Chris Clayton") (Now out of radio)

Station History

100.7fm signed on June 13, 1960.


Owned by West Pines Broadcasting Corp. WVTS flipped calls to WMGI and formats to Hot AC as "Magic 101" in 1986.


Sometime beteween 1986 and 1994, WMGI flipped again to Soft AC. WMGI went CHR on December 31, 1994. The format change included a smokescreen country format as "Highway 101", then the change occurred an hour later, starting off with "What is Love" by Haddaway. Note that GM Bob Swanson was formerly PD at WMGI, back in its "Magic 101" days. In March 2005, Bright Tower Communications, Inc. sold WMGI for $3.39 million to Midwest Communications, Inc. (along with sister WWSY).

For Further Reading...

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