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The Essentials

Call Letters: WSWI
Frequency: 820am
City of License: Evansville
Metro(s): Evansville
Power: 250 watts - Day (ND - Day) (Class D)
Format: AAA
Address: 8600 University Boulevard, Evansville, IN 47112-3596
Phone: 812.464.1836
Ownership: University of Southern Indiana
Web Presence:
Notes: Also heard on WPSR-HD2 and translator W239CI

Station Personnel


GM: John Morris
Chief Engineer: Connie Keeling
Station Manager: Chris Howard
PD: Kayla McCarty
MD (Alternative): Josh Alexander
MD (Dubstep): Ben Howard
MD (Hip-Hop): Jenae' Kelly
News Director: Maddie West
Promotions Director: Kelli Witzigreuter
Sports Director: Michael Robertson
Airstaff: Chris Cannon (Monday 1pm - 3pm, Wednesday 1pm - 3pm, Friday 1pm - 3pm)
Airstaff: Michael Eggleston (Monday 9am - 1pm, Wednesday 11am - 1pm, Friday 9am - 1pm)
Airstaff: Alex Hoffmann (Tuesday Signon - 9am, Wednesday Signon - 9am, Friday Signon - 9am)
Airstaff: Ben Howard (Tuesday 7pm - 9pm, Thursday 7pm - 9pm)
Airstaff: Lucy Jones (Monday 5pm - 7pm, Wednesday 5pm - 7pm)
Airstaff: Jenae' Kelly (Sunday Signon - 11am)
Airstaff: Kayla McCarty (Tuesday 3pm - 5pm, Thursday 3pm - 5pm)
Airstaff: Matt Peak (Tuesday 9am - 11am, Thursday 9am - 11am)
Airstaff: Clay Roth (Monday Signon - 9am, Tuesday Signon - 9am, Thursday Signon - 9am)
Airstaff: Jaimie Salazar (Tuesday 1pm - 3pm, Thursday 1pm - 3pm)
Airstaff: ThuThienSuong Trinh (Tuesday 11am - 1pm, Thursday 11am - 1pm)
Airstaff: Saxony Wynecoop (Tuesday 5pm - 7pm, Thursday 5pm - 7pm)
Student Run; Staff Changes Yearly



President/GM: John A. Engelbrecht
Station Manager: Charles Blake
VP/Chief Engineer: George F. Stoltz
MD: Byron Zint
News Director: JOhn Bradford
Production Director: Byron Zint
Mornings: Byron Zint (5:00am - 9:00am)
Middays: Ken McCutchan (10:00am - 2:00pm)
Afternoons: Ralph Turpen (2:00pm - 6:00pm)
Overnights: Ralph Bell (10:00pm - 5:00am)


GM: Wayne Rinks
Chief Engineer: Frank Hertel
Station Manager: Nate Boerner
PD: Pat Moore
PD: Chris Passage
PD: Andrew Bolin
MD: Melissa Budrow
News Director: Holly Geibel
News Director: Kera Pesauento
News Director: Jessica Choquette
News Director: Shelby Spray
Promotions Director: Heath Gibbs

Station History

820am signed on August 6, 1947.


Associated Press affiliate. Owned by what was then known as South Central Broadcasting Corp.


For Further Reading...

"Local TV, Radio Stations Receive Journalism Awards". Evansville Courier & Press 19 June 1999, Final Edition, Metro Section, B6.

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