Indiana RadioWatch: March 3, 2015

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We've recently lost two great Indiana radio engineers.

Warren "Doc" Arnett was 93 when he passed away last week. For 54 years, Doc was the chief engineer at WBAT (1400am, Marion), and in 1988, he helped build WCJC (99.3fm, Van Buren).

Doc did sound for many city parades and county fairs. He owned Doc's Radio Communication Service. Doc was a retired SBE member.

The day after "Doc" died, Charlie Sears passed away at age 81. Charlie was an engineer for over 50 years at WTTV-TV (Channel 4, Bloomington) and did radio engineering at WXLW/WFDM (950am, Indianapolis, 95.9fm, Franklin). Mr. Sears also was an SBE member and an ARRL member.

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Blaine Thompson
Indiana RadioWatch

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