Indiana RadioWatch: May 20, 2009

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We have news on the sale of Religious/WLAB (88.3fm, Fort Wayne): The Indiana District Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) has accepted a $1 million dollar offer from a group of WLAB employees. The employees formed Star Educational Media Network, Inc. The deal was brokered by Greg Guy of Patrick Communications (for the church) and Mark Jorgenson of Jorgenson Broadcast Brokerage (for Star Educational Media Network).

Food for thought: What radio station gave away the "grand prize" to a concert to the PD's wife (and why?) In the immortal words of IRW's kindergarten teacher: "That is not very considerate."


Living Proof, Inc. donates the CP for WTMW (91.3fm, North Judson) to the Mountain Bible Fellowship Church of June Lake, California.


Yesterday, the announcement came down that The Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home will close this Saturday. The facility will be converted and reopen as the Indiana National Guard's Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy, which will also serve an identical clientele as the Children's Home (mainly at-risk youth). This is sad news for their radio station: Classic Hits/WKPW (90.7fm, Knightstown). WKPW PD Mike York tells IRW that the station will go dark sometime next week. There was dialogue about WKPW moving to Knightstown High School, however, that dialogue has ended. WKPW signed on in September, 1993, and at first, did a different format each day (Top 40, Country, etc.)


"Riggs" is new to nights at Radio One's CHR/WNOU (100.9fm, Speedway). He will also be APD and Imaging Director, under PD Tim Rainey. "Riggs" was last PD in Gainesville, Florida (WYKS) and Chattanooga, Tennessee (WKXJ). "Riggs" begins at "Radio Now on Tuesday 26 May.

Tom Berg returns to the Indianapolis airwaves on 1 June, as he will host "All Request Summer Nights" between 7PM and Middnight, weeknights, on Russ Oasis' Oldies/WKLU (101.9fm, Brownsburg). In a press release on Berg's blog, he points out that the show will be the "only live night time radio show in Indianapolis. Other radio stations either run pre-recorded, or syndicated shows after 7PM." Berg continues by saying "Go ahead and try to call other radio stations to make a request after 7pm, (and) you'll get a busy signal, if you get through at all." Berg's final dose of fuel on the fire reads: "I'll even take your call if you work for other radio stations in town, even YOU Smiley!;" a reference to Entercom's Hot AC/WZPL (99.5fm, Greenfield) morning host Dave Smiley.


On 20 April, Doug Edge exited as GM of Crossroads' five Terre Haute radio stations, after over three years with the stations. Former Crossroads GM Mike Petersen replaces Edge, in addition to his prior responsibilities.

Scarborough Research adds its Mid-Tier Local Market Service ratings to Terre Haute, along with 16 other cities in the United States. The first data set will be released next month. Scarborough is a joint venture between Arbitron and Nielsen, and their qualitative data focuses on persons aged 18 and up.


After nine months there, Matt Bruning exits as News Director at White River Broadcasting/Columbus and is now in Columbus, Ohio, as a news reporter and anchor for radio station WTVN.


South Central Communications' Country/WLFW (93.5fm, Chandler) adds CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan weekday evenings.

Employment Opportunities

Artistic Media Partners is looking for a dynamic Market Manager for stations in South Bend. Our four station cluster offers an excellent and exciting opportunity for a sales-minded broadcaster. If you are goal oriented and have three or more years of successful sales management experience, please send your resume to arthur at artisticradio dot com. Artistic Media Partners is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

South Central Communications in Evansville has a part time opening for a board operator. You will babysit all stations in the cluster during the nights, weekends, and holidays. Please send your resume to mark at wiky dot com. South Central Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Radio Spotlight

Name: Mike King
Job Title: General Manager
Station(s): WRZQ (QMIX) and WYGB (KORN), Columbus, Indiana
Owner: Reising Radio Partners, Inc.

1. Who were your early DJ or radio station influences? (Perhaps what lead you to "catch the radio bug.")

I grew up in Cincinnati, so most of my influences came from radio in that city...particularly WSAI. DJs that helped me "catch the bug" were Roy Cooper, Jim Scott, Dusty Rhodes, & Ron Britain from the aforementioned WSAI. Roy Cooper was a genius...I could have listened to him all day, every day...what a under-appreciated talent! Also Jim LaBarbara from WLW. Out of town influeneces were Gary Burbank (WAKY in Lousiville), and Larry Lujack and John Landecker out of Chicago.

2. What makes your stations unique?

Well, KORN Country is basically just liners and music. Not just generic liners, but liners with an attitude for 21 hours of the day! Plus Rick & Bubba in the morning...two Alabama boys broadcasting in Indiana. It's just a FUN station to listen to....we don't take ourselves too seriously.

QMIX is Hot A/C music, but a very LOCAL, "community" station! If something is going on in Columbus or Bartholomew're gonna know about it if you listen to QMIX! The Morning Show, The Q Wake-Up Crew, is particularly community focused...lots of guests each morning letting you know waht's going on around town.

3. What makes your market unique?

Columbus is very diverse. Lots of agriculture, architecture, arts, automotive-industry businesses, and more. Is that enough "A-words" for you? It is very much a blue-collar and white-collar town all rolled into one.

4. Who are your mentor(s)?

Jim Kauper and Keith Reising. They both taught me "local" radio ... and Keith schooled me on how to sell radio!

5. What's the best advice you'd give to those wanting to get into radio?

Do it for "love" of the business, not for the money.

6. Where do you see the radio industry five years from now?

Very Healthy!! Radio has been "going to die" so many times in the last 50-60 years, but it always survives. We always reinvent ourselves and prosper. There are so many talented individuals in this industry.

7. What's the most important issue in radio today?

Finding more passionate people who really want to learn this business!

8. What's your favorite out-of-market radio station, and why?

WLW in Cincinnati. This station is soooo local, and has the most talented group of personalities on it that know their target audience and hit the bullseye with their programming consistently day-after-day, week-after-week. If you're a male over 35-40 and live in the "tri-state" area, I guarantee you are tuning in sometime during the day. It's got all the local news and issues...all of the talk personalities are intelligent and local, and can converse with callers.

9. Who's your favorite air personality that isn't working for you?

Bill Cunningham (WLW). He's funny and witty...he can be ornery (but not too dirty)...he just makes you listen!! I am almost the polar-opposite of his conservative views, but I sincerely enjoy listening to him! He makes me angry, but I listen...that's great radio. I am also enjoying the Eddie and Tracy show in the afternoons on WLW. Tracy Jones may be the most under-rated personality on the station. He's not just an ex-jock...he's very talented and funny! You have to realize that he's "putting you on" about 95% of the time. I'm surprised he can still talk with his tongue planted up against his cheek so often. Eddie (a seasoned radio guy) is the straight-man, and he does it well.

10. What book have you read that has taught you the most about the radio business?

On the Sales side ... "The 33 Rules of Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising." On the Programming side, I can't think of one. I just learned so much from experience on the job, listening to other stations, seminars, etc. Also, Keith Hill (a programming consultant) has been a huge influence.

That's all for this issue. Thank you for your continued support.

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