Indiana RadioWatch: June 2, 2001

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An Ohio station doesn't come in as well in Northeast Indiana this week. A section of the tower carrying a 630 watt booster (WDFM-1) for AC/WDFM (98.1fm, Defiance, Ohio) fell to the ground early Sunday morning (27 May 2001).


Veteran N-T/WIBC (1070am, Indianapolis) Newsman Fred Heckman passed away on Memorial Day. Heckman, also the stations news director for 35 years, was 77. Heckman was best known for his "My Town Indy" soliloquies. He also caused his fair share of controversy - most notably his resignation in June 1993 when new owners Horizon Broadcasting wanted to replace WIBC's format with a "Headline News" format. Heckman went on to file an age discrimination suit against Horizon which was settled in 1994. He returned to WIBC later that year when Emmis Communications purchased the station.

(IRW credits both articles on WRTV's website & Kevin O'Neal's article in The Indianapolis Star for information on Mr. Heckman.)


Amongst the stations IRW dials up on the Web is New Albany High School's WNAS (88.1fm, New Albany). Mark Coomes did a nice article in The Louisville Courier-Journal about the station.


Artistic Media Partners enters into a long-term contract with McGavren Guild, Inc., a national rep firm owned by Interep.

That's it for this issue. See you in a week!

Blaine Thompson
Indiana RadioWatch

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