Indiana RadioWatch: September 10, 2014

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Greetings and Good Evening from Indianapolis:

It was nice to see several of you today on the show floor and in sessions.

Here's a recap of what I heard and saw today.

* In one session, I kept hearing that "Content is Key." If your radio station has great content, people will find it and listen to it.

As I write this, the President is speaking. I realize that several radio stations across Indiana have this speech on their airwaves. Some radio stations do this broadcast by adding a command into the automation system. Some radio stations air the speech, and bring in local hosts to discuss what the President said. As it is 9:00PM, some radio stations let a weekender or part-timer come into the radio station to make sure the speech airs.

However, what about promotion? I asked a broadcaster about this today, and received a single word response:


So, I asked:

...Did you put an announcement on your radio station Facebook page, saying, "Listen to W____ at 9PM tonight"?

...Did you add an announcement to your Twitter page?

...Did you send a text blast to your "text club" subscribers?

How did the broadcaster respond?

With a mildly blank stare, a mumbled "Thank you," as they grabbed their cell phone (hopefully to call or text someone back at the radio station...)

(I'm not going to give a speech entitled, "What, you don't have a radio station Facebook page, Twitter feed and text club? It's 2014.")

* On another note, a radio group CEO reminded me today that you have to treat your employees' right. He emphasized not every radio group does... He made a comment about how he probably has more employees than (name of competitors), but he also has more revenue.

* A broadcaster told me this: "It's 2014; you can't rest on your laurels and know that anyone who wants to hear content will listen to YOUR radio station. You have to make the content compelling for your listeners."

* I had a conversation with Michael Dougherty. He's the CEO of Jelli. Heard of them? They work with you on selling unsold radio inventory. They don't rely on affidavits. You could see more at, and that's NOT a paid testimonial.

I'll hopefully see you on the floor tomorrow. Oh, and before I go, the radio station that didn't air a promotion about tonight's Presidential speech? Alas, it's located outside of Indiana.

Blaine Thompson
Indiana RadioWatch

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