Indiana RadioWatch: September 16, 2013

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What's new at your radio or TV station? Let's talk.

More Federal Communications Commission decisions from the 2003 translator window means another round of construction permit applications. Please read about several of those below.


I'll add another tribute to Wayne Paradise: Ed Roehling tells IRW: "I was the broker who worked Wayne to sell his stations to Frank Kovas. Wayne was a great broadcaster and indeed brought real radio to Auburn."


Weigel Broadcasting ABC affiliate WBND (Channel 57, South Bend) anchor Keitha Nelson exits and joins the Gannett WJXX-TV and WTLV-TV duopoly in Jacksonville, Florida as their 7pm weekday newscast anchor.


Friends of Christian Radio, Inc. files two FCC applications for translator CPs on 104.9fm, licensed to Lafayette and 94.3fm, licensed to Gary.


Indianapolis remembers a longtime radio GM, as Bob Kiley passed away last Tuesday. Mr. Kiley was President and GM of WIFE Radio (1310am and 107.9fm) in the 1960s and 1970s, when Don Burden owned them. Mr. Kiley formed a group ("Radio Circle City, Inc.") to buy the stations, after the FCC ordered them off the air in September 1976. Now, 1310am is Radio One's Gospel/WTLC and 107.9fm is Entercom's AC/WNTR.

Clear Channel's Classic Rock/WFBQ (94.7fm, Indianapolis) and syndicated Bob and Tom show move radio stations in Salt Lake City, Utah from KBER 101.1fm to KENZ 101.9fm.

Friends of Christian Radio, Inc. files an FCC application for a translator CP on 96.1fm, licensed to Lebanon.


Al Rerko will soon retire as Director of Broadcast Facilities for Vincennes University PBS affiliate WVUT-TV (Channel 22, Vincennes), and Hot AC-CHR/WVUB (91.1fm, Vincennes). Mr. Rerko will officially retire November 4, but he's taking vacation between now and then.

Bethel Baptist Church's Religious/WYTJ (89.3fm, Linton) receives a CP to increase power from 1000 watts to 1380 watts on the same tower.

This week in Indiana Radio History

September 15: In 1966, 95.9fm, Michigan City signs on as WMCB-FM. Today, it's WEFM.

September 16: In 2000, then-WEXI (102.9fm, Huntington) flipped formats to dance and club music, as "Energy 102.9."

September 17: In 1962, 88.9fm, Notre Dame signs on as WSND-FM, and still is.

September 19: In 1988, 104.3fm, Casey, Illinois signs on as WCBH-FM and still is.

September 21: In 1995, then-WKQM (96.3fm, Churubusco) flipped formats from easy listening to alternative music. Hear the sign-on, after the end of their stunt TV theme songs format.

Radio Spotlight

This week, we sit down and chat with Indiana Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame (Class of 2010) member Howdy Bell.

Among his many stops: Mr. Bell has been a DJ, fill in sports anchor at what was then WFBM-TV (Channel 6); now WRTV, he hosted several 13 week long programs on WFBM-TV, station manager at WAKY in Louisville, Kentucky. He was the GM at WFIA(AM) and WXLN-FM in Louisville, Kentucky. In Indianapolis, he was the GM of 1310am in Indianapolis when it changed call letters from WIFE(AM) to WMLF. He's also worked at WSVL in Shelbyville, WFBM(AM) in Indianapolis, WXTZ-FM on 93.9fm in Indianapolis, WXIR-FM (98.3fm) in Indianapolis, and the three Crawfordsville radio stations (WCVL, WCDQ, WIMC).

Who were your early DJ or radio station influences? (Perhaps what lead you to "catch the radio bug."?)

Mike Dunn, WIBC "Man in the Street" before Jim Shelton's "Pick a Pocket." Mike Dunn and his wife were friends of my parents. Lyle Ludwig, Announcer at WFBM,TV6, Gilbert Forbes, Indy's first news anchor, on TV6 and Dick Lingle, one of the first live "on camera" announcers in Indy at TV6.

How did you first get started in radio?

Studied Radio-TV at Butler on WAJC, 104.5, when "No one" had FM Radios. Learned there under Tom Carnegie, Lyle Ludwig, Carnegie was influential in getting the Radio TV Dept. started at Butler.

When you worked in small market radio, what were your biggest challenges?

The radio station really had to comply with the F.C.C. mandate of serving the communities "convenience, interest and necessity".

What has been your biggest radio career accomplishment?

Broadcasting the Indy 500 around the world, for 42 races, to what research showed, before live TV, to 110 million people at any given time during the race broadcast. I think that is still the record 42 races, for a PBP guy. Plus 10 Brickyard 400's Greatest honor was being nominated for and selected to be Inducted into the Indiana Broadcasters "Hall of Fame", Class of 2010

What has been your most memorable moment on the air?

Covering the 1975 Tom Sneva Crash in turn two at the Indy 500. I thought how difficult it was going to be to cover what at first looked as though it was really going to be very serious. He suffered minor wrist burns but a destroyed car.

What makes Howdy Bell unique on the air?

Good voice and fun personality.

What makes the Indianapolis radio market unique?

I don't think we are unique. The disease is systemic. Since the F.C.C. re-regulation in the mid 80's, I feel the industry has gone downhill. Owners must now program to demographics, based on the agencies wanting to buy 55 year old and under listeners across the nation. Thus, you get what we have in Indy, to many stations, not enough format variations. Too much multiple ownership, ahem, so they can cover their fanny. Indy is just a smaller example of what has happened across the nation. Four sports stations? You've got to be kidding? Out of the 30 some signals across Indy, how much "country" can one handle? No one wants to go out and do it the old "fashioned way". Sell the locals! The industry is in trouble and I believe the best radio is still smaller markets where they really do serve for the communities "convenience, interest and necessity."

What's been your most memorable news story?

Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum explosion in 1963.

What's one thing that would surprise many people to learn about you?

I am a licensed, volunteer care Pastor through the Vineyard Community Church in Greenwood, In. with about 2500 in attendance each weekend. Thus, I perform many weddings, some funerals and also work in guest relations for Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Centers, of which there are 14, around Indianapolis. It is very satisfying work, being able to help people in the happiest of time, Weddings; and the saddest of times, as well.

What's the best advice you'd give to those wanting to get into radio?

Get into the "business" side of the business. It did not take me long to realize the folks with the shiny shoes and the big, fancy cars were not on air. They were in sales and management. Sooo, while you are in college, study some sales and business as well. That is the area from which most executives and ownership move up.

What's the most important issue in radio today?

How to stay viable in this crazy electronic world!

What's your biggest pet peeve in radio?

Lack of programming variety in formats, but it all goes back to the ad agencies only buying time on stations which program to those under 55 Years of age. That 70 year old idea is so outdated for today's world.

Where do you see the radio industry five years from now?

If i knew the future of radio, I could become rich very quickly. But I truly believe the industry is in trouble with its current least in major markets...They just are not "Local" serving anymore! 5 Years from now. Don't have a clue! Not this, today's radio!

Why do you think radio is still important?

When they stop performing for the community "convenience, interest and necessity", they will not be important and I believe they are headed that way. Except for being on the phones and all the electronic devices.

Employment Opportunities

Virtual News Center, America's largest independent provider of local news for radio stations seeks qualified people for our growing affiliate relations department. This is a telecommuting opportunity, so you must be disciplined to work with minimal supervision to achieve our generous commission rate. Previous sales experience required, with Affiliate Relations experience a plus. Please send your letter of introduction and resume to jdearing at virtualnewscenter dot com.

Radio One Communications, a four station cluster located in Northwest Indiana is looking for a full time Marketing Consultant to join their sales staff. Position requires an ambitious advertising sales person that will build strong professional relationships with area businesses, but our standards are high. You must have a history of competitive victories, and the ability to juggle many projects at once. Must have knowledge of sales practices, be able to handle deadlines and obtain monthly goals and budgets. It is a very demanding career and you will be rewarded for your hard work with a compensation program that gives you instant rewards as you succeed and help your clients succeed. Self-starters could really increase their income fast. Please send resume to jobs at radiooneindiana dot com. Radio One Communications is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Federated Media is looking for an Assistant Program Director for Active Rock/WBYR in Fort Wayne, IN. The ideal candidate will be able to come in and hit the ground running. We will provide you with all of the tools to succeed. We are looking for someone who is a great talent coach, not afraid to lead by example, creative yet detail oriented, and understands the importance of multi-platform branding-without losing focus on what's coming out of the speakers. 3 years minimum experience required for consideration. Fort Wayne is a great place to call home and Federated Media is a great company to work for. Potential PD stripes for the right person. If this sounds like you, email: Resume, Air-Check, and Programming Philosophy to: stiller at 989thebear dot com. Check out the station at Federated Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Federated Media Fort Wayne is welcoming applications for a GSM opening at WBYR, 98.9 The Bear, Fort Wayne's Rock Station. WBYR consistently ranks among Fort Wayne's ratings and revenue leaders. This is not a fixer upper; we have a great sales team in place! Federated Media Fort Wayne provides a unique growth oriented environment focused on excellence, backing our sales teams with comprehensive resources and capabilities including the Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) Customer Focused Selling and Talent Focused Management. Federated Media is a family owned, Indiana based, privately held company primarily serving the Fort Wayne and South Bend metropolitan areas. Other advantages include: No corporate bureaucracy or hierarchy. Our company culture empowers people. We are a medium market group with large market resources. Our Fort Wayne cluster includes six stations. The market's best radio brands! Send resume to Jim Allgeier at jallgeier at federatedmedia dot com. Confidentiality assured. Federated Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Federated Media is currently accepting applications for the position of Promotions Director for our Fort Wayne Cluster. The position encompasses all facets of the radio business on-air, on-line and in person. It requires multi-tasking along with managing people and your own personal time. As Promotions Director you will be responsible for, but not limited to: Working hand in hand with Program Directors to plan, schedule and execute contests and promotions. Hiring & scheduling. Maintaining and scheduling all aspects of Social Media. Making sure the listener experience at live broadcasts & events is a memorable one. This is a very enjoyable job but requires you to bring your best to the office every day. It is a job that no two days are alike and will be a job that is always evolving to meet the demands of each station's needs. Interested? Contact Jim Allgeier at jallgeier at federatedmedia dot com. Confidentiality assured. Federated Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Cromwell Radio Group Inc. of Illinois is looking for an Operations Manager to manage the programming, positioning, local involvement, legal operation, and talent of our three radio stations in Effingham, Illinois. We are waiting on approval of our application for a construction permit for a new station to bring our total to four. The person I'm looking for will have great management and organizational skills, and have a passion for winning radio. Qualified applicants will also have a strong desire and ability to be involved in the local community, motivate staff to be involved, and be able to effectively present that involvement to our listeners. The person I hire will also be able to do a live airshift, production, remotes, and appearances. Previous experience is absolutely essential. Knowledge of Cool Edit and Skylla are all very helpful. We offer health insurance including dental and vision, and a 401k savings plan. If you love the business of radio, and you want to work with a fantastic group of professional broadcasters, please send your Materials to: Marv Phillips, General Manager, WCRC-WCRA-WHQQ, 405 South Banker St., Suite 201, Effingham, IL 62401-2591, or via e-mail: mphillips at cromwellradio dot com. Minorities and Women are encouraged to apply. No Phone Calls, Please. EOE.

WZZY Winchester, Indiana is looking for our next Morning Show host. Not only will you be the morning "voice" of our A/C station but through your work and interaction within the community you'll also be the "face" of the station as well. Plus you'll VT evenings on our winning Adult Top 40 sister FM and do plenty of remotes and appearances on both stations. Even if you've never done Mornings before send along your best. Our former host has been with us for 13 years so we believe in longevity and loyalty. Send along an on-air sample (please keep it short) and resume to rickduncan at g1013 dot com. Or you can mail it to 2301 W. Main St. Richmond, IN 47374. Whitewater Broadcasting is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

WBCL Radio Network is looking for an energetic, organized and creative person to join the ministry team as Promotions Director. This position will be responsible for supervising and overseeing promotional efforts, contests, interns and volunteers. Person will: work closely with the Development Director to implement strategic promotions that can increase revenue and listenership to WBCL; needs a proven track record in promotions and community involvement; passion for and experience with social media; on-air experience a plus! Details on responsibilities and qualifications listed at Send resume to Personnel Director, WBCL Radio Network, 1115 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46807 or email to employment at wbcl dot org No phone calls, please. Taylor University Broadcasting, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

WISH-TV is seeking an aggressive investigative reporter to join our growing I-Team.

We are searching for someone who has experience uncovering and telling compelling investigative stories that affect people's lives.

The ideal candidate will: Be smart, have at least three years' experience as an investigative reporter, generate strong story ideas, possess a strong work ethic, be an excellent team player, cultivate great sources, ask tough questions, have a working knowledge of CAR techniques, familiarity with public records laws and requests, and most importantly....tell compelling stories.

You must be able to turn investigative stories on a regular basis and not just during a ratings period. We are looking for someone who works hard to get to the bottom of an issue and tells it in a creative way. We will make sure you have the tools you need to be successful.

Send resume and recent tape to Steve Bray, News Director, WISH TV, 1950 N. Meridian, Indianapolis, IN 46202. No Phone calls. No phone calls. EEO/M-F

Hoosier AM/FM is seeking an experienced media Account Executive to join the sales team of our four-station cluster in Muncie-Marion, IN. This person will be responsible for prospecting and developing new business as well as growing and maintaining existing accounts. A positive attitude and excellent verbal and written communications skills are a must. This is a full time position. Hoosier AM/FM offers a competitive compensation package including Medical, Dental, Paid Vacations. Minimum education level is High School diploma or equivalent. Resume and letter of introduction are to be sent to indianaradiojobs at yahoo dot com. Hoosier AM/FM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

That's all for this issue. Thank you for your continued support.

Blaine Thompson
Indiana RadioWatch

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