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The Essentials

Call Letters: WJHS
Frequency: 91.5fm
City of License: Columbia City
Metro(s): Fort Wayne
Power: 2650 watts @ 219 feet (Class A)
Format: AAA
Address: 600 N. Whitley Street, Columbia City, IN 46725-1799
Phone: 260.248.8915
Ownership: Whitley County Consolidated Schools
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


Station Manager: Jill Usher
Chief Engineer: Mike Peters
PD: Tom Rentschler
MD: Laurie Walls
Student Run; Staff Changes Yearly


GM: Tim Moriarty (1995 - ?)
GM: Krystal Walker-Zoltek
Station Manager: Robert D. Thomas
PD: Kory Twigg
MD: Sarah Zartman
Assistant MD: Nick Henney
News Director: Tina Candill

Station History

91.5fm signed on August 12, 1985.

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