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The Essentials

Call Letters: WCBH
Frequency: 104.3fm
City of License: Casey, Illinois
Metro(s): Terre Haute
Power: 11,000 watts @ 495 feet (Class B1)
Format: Rhythmic CHR
Address: P.O. Box 250, Casey, IL 62420-0250
Address: 208 W. Jefferson Ave, Effingham, IL 62401-2346
Phone: 217.342.5624
Phone: 217.342.9597
Ownership: Two Petaz, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Carol Floyd
PD: Lane Blickem
Mornings: Kidd Kraddick (5am - 10am) (Syndicated from KHKS in Dallas, Texas) (Kraddick deceased 27 July 2013)
Middays: "Mid Day Rene" (10am - 2pm)
Afternoons: Kurtis Allen (2pm - 7pm) ("The Party Nation")
Nights: Matt Vail (7pm - 11pm) ("Night Party with Matt")


GM/SM: Ken Brown
GM/SM: Ed Howard
Chief Engineer: Steve Hamm
PD: Greg Vincent
PD: Steve Bagley
PD: Ken Cunningham (Now PD/middays at WQQB in Champaign, Illinois)
PD: Adam Michaels (Now afternoons at WMGI)
MD: John Evans (1991-1994)
Mornings: Adam Michaels (Now afternoons at WMGI)
Mornings: John Crumb
Middays: John Evans (From Afternoons, and before that, Nights)
Overnights: Matt Luecking (? - April 1998) (Deceased 24 October 2016)
Overnights: "Crash Davis" (April 1998 - ?)
Airstaff: Chris Claire (? - May 1998) (Now mornings at WZYP in Huntsville, Alabama)
Marv Phillips
Paula Phillips

Station History

104.3fm signed on September 19, 1988. WCBH was purchased in March 1998 for $1.25 million. The entire staff was let go in July 1998. Discovery Group, LLC sold WCBH to Two Petaz, Inc. in January 2002. It's now known as "104.3 The Party."

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