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The Essentials

Call Letters: WSVX
Frequency: 1520am
City of License: Shelbyville
Metro(s): Indianapolis
Power: 1000 watts - Day 250 watts - Night (Class D)
Format: CHR
Address: 2356 North Morristown Road, Shelbyville, IN 46176-9172
Phone: 317.398.2200
Ownership: 3 Towers Broadcasting Co., LLC
Web Presence:
Notes: Also heard on translator W243CL

Station Personnel


GM: Scott Huber
GSM: John Schoentrup
PD/MD: Tyson Conrady
APD: Don Stuck
News Director: Johnny McCrory
Sports Director: Johnny McCrory
Mornings: Johnny McCrory (6am - 10am)
Middays: Penny Lane (10am - 2pm) (From nights)
Afternoons: Don Stuck (2pm - 6pm)
Nights: Tyson (6pm - 10pm)
Weekends: Sky's The Limit (Saturday 6:30am - 8:00am)
Weekends: Penny Lane (Saturday 8:00am - 12:00pm)
Weekends: Bryanna Justice (Saturday 12:00pm - 4:00pm)
Weekends: Hollywood Hamilton's Weekend Top 30 (Saturday starting at 4:00pm)
Weekends: Turn The Page (Sunday 6:45am - 7:00am)
Weekends: The Beacon (Sunday 7:00am - 9:00am and 9:30am - 10:00am)
Weekends: Fellowship Baptist Church (Sunday 9:00am - 9:30am)
Weekends: Organic Tracks (Sunday 10:00am - 12:00pm)
Weekends: Hollywood Hamilton's Weekend Top 30 (Sunday 12:00pm - 6:00pm)
Weekends: American Top 40, The 80's (Sunday starting at 6:00pm)



GM: John A. Hartnett
Chief Engineer: Benny Colyer (1961 - ?)
Chief Engineer: Marvin Young
Chief Engineer: Ralph Beaty
News Director: Wayne T. Posz
Mornings: Tom Franklin
Airstaff: Howdy Bell


GM: Tom Hession
GM: Ron Green
Chief Engineer: Ken Owens
Station Manager: Wayne Thomas
GSM: Jerry Willis
SM: Pam Taylor
PD: Laura Knarr
PD: Mark Gravely
News Director: Wayne Thomas
Mornings: Tom Posz


GM: Scott Huber
Chief Engineer: Marty Hensley
PD: Matt Sheek
Mornings: Matt Sheek
Weekends: Terry Turley (Retired 1 July 2007)


Middays: Jeff Christian (10am - 2pm)
PD: Douglas Raab (Deceased 7 June 2011)

Station History

1520am signed on January 14, 1961.


Owned by Shelby County Broadcasting Co., Inc.


Studios located at 10 E. Washington St., Shelbyville, IN 46176-1351 (Telephone: 317.398.9757). ARS Broadcasting Corp. sold WOOO to RSE Broadcasting, LLC, and the sale became final on December 1, 1999. After the sale, WOOO(AM) remained an oldies station. The calls then flipped to WKWH(AM) in March 2000.


Oldies format. Studios located at 102 N. Perkins Street, Rushville, IN 46173-1993.


In the Summer of 2011, WSVX morphed formats from Classic Hits to CHR.

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