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The Essentials

Call Letters: WBST
Frequency: 92.1fm
City of License: Muncie
Metro(s): Muncie
Power: 3000 watts @ 300 feet (Class A)
Format: News/Classical
Address: Ball State University, LB 128, Muncie, IN 47306-0550
Phone: 765.285.5888
Ownership: Ball State University
Web Presence:
Notes: Simulcast on WBSB, WBSH, WBSJ and WBSW

Station Personnel


GM: Dan Lutz (Acting) (January 2017 - Current)
Chief Engineer: Robert Rickner (September 2014 - Current)
SM: John Morgan
News Director: Terry Heifetz (July 2007 - Current)
Production Director: Sean Ashcraft
Mornings: Morning Edition (5am - 9am)
Mornings: Stan Sollars (5am - 9am) (local host)
Late Mornings: Morning Musicale (9am - 12pm)
Early Afternoons: Performance Today (12pm - 2pm)
Early Afternoons: Fresh Air (2pm - 3pm)
Early Afternoons: PRI's The World (3pm - 4pm)
Afternoons: All Things Considered (4pm - 7pm)
Afternoons: Stephanie Wiechmann (4pm - 7pm) (local host)
Early Evenings: Exploring Music (7pm - 8pm)
Nights: Performance Today (8pm - 10pm)
Nights: Evening Classics (10pm - 1am)
Overnights: BBC World Service (1am - 5am)
Weekends: BBC World Service (Saturday 12am - 7am)
Weekends: On the Media (Saturday 7am - 8am)
Weekends: Weekend Edition Saturday (Saturday 8am - 10am)
Weekends: Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! (Saturday 10am - 11am)
Weekends: Marketplace Weekend (Saturday 11am - 12pm)
Weekends: The Splendid Table (Saturday 12pm - 1pm)
Weekends: You Bet Your Garden (Saturday 1pm - 2pm)
Weekends: Radiolab (Saturday 2pm - 3pm)
Weekends: The TED Radio Hour (Saturday 3pm - 4pm)
Weekends: This American Life (Saturday 4pm - 5pm)
Weekends: Weekend All Things Considered (Saturday 5pm - 6pm)
Weekends: A Prairie Home Companion (Saturday 6pm - 8pm)
Weekends: American Routes (Saturday 8pm - 10pm)
Weekends: The Scene (Saturday 10pm - 11pm)
Weekends: BBC World Service (Saturday 11pm - 7am)
Weekends: On Being (Sunday 7am - 8am)
Weekends: Weekend Edition Sunday (Sunday 8am - 9am)
Weekends: The TED Radio Hour (Sunday 10am - 11am)
Weekends: Travel with Rick Steves (Sunday 11am - 12pm)
Weekends: A Prairie Home Compaion (Sunday 12pm - 2pm)
Weekends: Mountain Stage (Sunday 2pm - 4pm)
Weekends: The New Yorker Radio Hour (Sunday 4pm - 5pm)
Weekends: Weekend All Things Considered (Sunday 5pm - 6pm)
Weekends: Rotating Documentary and Music Specials (Sunday 6pm - 7pm)
Weekends: Concerts from the Library of Congress (Sunday 7pm - 8pm)
Weekends: The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Sunday 8pm - 10pm)
Weekends: Harmonia (Sunday 10pm - 11pm)
Weekends: BBC World Service (Sunday 11pm - 5am)


GM: M. John Eiden
GM: Anthony Hunt (Now GM at WVPE)
GM: Stewart Vanderwilt (Now GM of KUT and KUTX in Austin, Texas)
GM: Marcus Jackman (? - March 28, 2014)
GM: John Strauss (Interim)
GM: Al Rent (September 2015 - January 2017) (Deceased 17 January 2017)
Chief Engineer: Garvin Phillips
Chief Engineer: Robert Mittendorf (? - September 2014)
GSM: Pam Coletti
PD: Jed Duvall
Program Manager: Carol Trimmer
Production Manager: Brian Eckstein (December 1997 - November 21, 2011) (Deceased 21 November 2011)
Production Director: Christopher Bateson
Early Afternoons: Talk of the Nation (2pm - 4pm)
Weekends: WireTap (Saturday 3pm - 4pm)
Weekends: Hearing Voices (Sunday 3pm - 4pm)
Weekends: A World of Possibilities (Sunday 6pm - 7pm)
Weekends: Indianapolis-On-The-Air (Sunday 7pm - 8pm)

Station History

Signed on September 12, 1960 at 90.7fm. The WBST call letters stand for Ball State Teacher's College, which a former name of what is now Ball State University. WBST moved from 90.7fm to 92.1fm in the mid-to-late 1970s. In 1978, WBST began broadcasting from a transmitter on a Nebo Road tower. In September 1978, lightning struck that tower, before it even signed on. WBST added an NPR affiliation on September 12, 1980. "Indiana Public Radio" branding began on January 1, 1998.

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