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The Essentials

Call Letters: WIMS
Frequency: 1420am
City of License: Michigan City
Metro(s): Northwest Indiana
Power: 5000 watts - Day, 5000 watts - Night (DA-2) (Class B)
Format: News/Talk
Address: 685 East 1675 North, Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: 219.879.9810
Ownership: Gerard Media, LLC
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Ric Federighi
Chief Engineer: Bob Henning
Director of Sales: Mary Gigliotti
PD: Mike Paine
News Director: Paulla Weinberg
Mornings: Ric Federighi (6am - 9am)
Mornings: Dave Kusiak (6am - 9am)
Late Mornings: Mike Paine (9am - 12pm)
Early Afternoons: WIMS Music & Local News (12pm - 3pm)
Afternoons: Paula Griffin (3pm - 6pm)
Early Evenings: Mark Huffman & Crew (6pm - 8pm)
Nights: Brian Brophy (8pm - 9pm)
Nights: Dr. Joy Browne (9pm - 12am)
Overnights: Free Talk Live (12am - 3am)
Overnights: Lou Dobbs (3am - 4am)
Overnights: Wall Street Journal This Morning (4am - 6am)
Weekends: Into the 70's with John Landecker (Saturday 8pm - 12am)
Weekends: When Radio Was (Sunday 3am - 5am)
Weekends: Mike & Sherri Show (Sunday 10am - 12pm)
Weekends: When Radio Was (Sunday 8pm - 4am)


VP/GM: Marty Wielgos
GM: E.R. Herkner
GM: George Stevens
Chief Engineer: R. Schilling
GSM: Cheryl Vargan
SM: Paula Trout
SM/PD: Kraig Hayden
OM: Dave Flood
OM: Chris Locken (Now PD at WRIN)
PD: Todd Ickow
PD: Mike Bonoventura
PD: Roger Poulard (? - May 2000)
PD: Johnny Rush (? - August 2012)
Mornings: Warren Freiberg (Deceased 2 June 2000)
Mornings: Libby Collins Freiberg (January 2002 - ?)
Midmornings: Jay Mariotti (9am - 11am) (November 1999 - ?)
Late Mornings: Dave Innes (9am - 11am)
Late Mornings: Roman Sawczak (9am - 11am)
Middays: Ken and Daria Dolan ("The Dolans") (Noon - 2pm) (November 2001 - ?)
Afternoons: Mike Bonaventura (2pm - 5pm) (November 2001 - February 2004) (Now on 7am - 10am at WCFJ in Chicago Heights, Illinois)
Afternoons: Dave Flood (2pm - 5pm) (November 2001 - February 2004) (Now on 7am - 10am at WCFJ in Chicago Heights, Illinois)
Afternoons: Steve Fowler (3pm - 6pm)
Afternoons: John Landecker (3pm - 6pm) (Now nights at WLS-FM in Chicago, Illinois)
Nights: Lou Dobbs (11pm - 12am)

Station History

WIMS(AM) signed on 1420am with 1000 watts (daytime only) on August 10, 1947. WIMS-FM was licensed for 1000 watts by 1950 (it no longer exists). Owned by Northern Indiana Broadcasters, Inc. In July 1999, M&M Broadcasting, Inc. sold both WIMS(AM) and WJOB for $4 million, total to St. George Broadcasting, LLC.. St. George Broadcasting, LLC. went bankrupt in 2002. In Bankruptcy court, a Lake County judge approved the sale of WIMS and WJOB to Vazquez Development, LLC. The sale price for both stations was $1.5 million. WIMS flipped formats from oldies to talk in June 2006. Studios formerly located at 6405 Olcott Ave., Hammond, IN 46320-2877.

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