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The Essentials

Call Letters: WBDG
Frequency: 90.9fm
City of License: Indianapolis
Metro(s): Indianapolis
Power: 400 watts @ 78 feet (Class A)
Format: Hot AC
Address: 1200 N. Girls School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46214-3499
Phone: 317.988.7122
Ownership: Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Jon Easter
Chief Engineer: Kevin Van Wyk
Maintenance Engineer: Brad Perdue
PD: Zion Brown
News Director: Luke Flinchem
Sports Director: Isa Diallo
Nights/Overnights: "The Giant Mix" (dance music) (9PM - 4AM)
Weekends: "The Giant Mix" (dance music) (Saturday and Sunday 8PM - 4AM)
Student Run; Staff Changes Yearly


GM: Paul Mendenhall (1982 - 1999) (Now retired)
Chief Engineer: Tom Allebrandi (Deceased 12 February 2018)
PD: Jason Mondragon (2019-2020)
PD: Grant Covey (2018-2019)
Co-PDs: Luke Rasberry and Victor Rosado (2017-2018)
PD: Zach Harshman (2016-2017)
Co-PDs: Zach Evans and Tabitha Owens (2015-2016)
Co-PDs: Corey Clark and Levonne Durden (2014-2015)
Co-PDs: Tecadeh Hollcroft and Kiara Ingram (2013-2014)
Co-PDs: Jevon Robinson and Louie Wieseman (2012-2013)
Co-PDs: Treon McClendon and Anthony Wasielewski (2011-2012)
PD: Keegan Lampert (2010-2011)
Co-PDs: Kyle Bandy, Robert Colcord, and Alan Czerwinski (2009-2010)
Co-PDs: Taylor Earles and Dan Roembke (2008-2009)
Co-PDs: Rachel Calhoun and Sean Dunham (2007-2008)
Co-PDs: Kristin Digs and Jordan Monschein (2006-2007)
Co-PDs: Matt Reedy and Rob Woock (2004-2005)
Co-PDs: Regina Atkins and Matt Gonzales (2005-2006)
Co-PDs: Brandon Ehrhardt and Greg Rettig (2003-2004)
Co-PDs: Josh Brandon and Brad Hobbs (2002-2003)
PD: Chris Poteet (2001-2002)
Co-PDs: Dustin Bates and Brett Patterson (2000-2001)
MD: Tyler White (2014-2015)
MD: Monica Guzman (2013-2014)
MD: Walter Williams (2012-2013)
Co-MDs: Walter Williams and Nick Woods (2011-2012)
MD: Mo Truman (2009-2010)
Co-MDs: Shelby Reynolds and Felicia Rodriguez (2008-2009)
MD: Tom Manlove (2007-2008)
MD: Michelle Westerhouse (2006-2007)
MD: Hilary Gibson (2005-2006)
Co-MDs: Regina Atkins and Toddrick Murry (2004-2005)
MD: Jason Lee (2003-2004)
MD: Travis Stegemoller (2002-2003)
Co-MDs: Andrea Garrison, Brad Hobbs, and Brandyn Riddle (2001-2002)
MD: Sean Crinnigan (2000-2001)
News Director: Brayden Howard (2019-2020)
News Director: Breanna Cooper (2014-2015)
News Director: Carley Hancock (2011-2012)
News Director: Greg Thompson (2009-2010)
News Director: Tramaine Jones (2008-2009)
News Director: Cody Davis (2007-2008)
News Director: Max Guzman (2006-2007)
News Director: Wayne Czubakowski (2005-2006)
News Director: Paul McDonald (2004-2005)
News Director: Lori Thurman (2001-2002)
News Director: Jim Morris (2000-2001)
Sports Director: Zion Brown (2019-2020)
Sports Director: Grant Covey (2017-2018)
Sports Director: Cory Vervynckt (2015-2017)
Sports Director: Cory Johnson (2014-2015)
Sports Director: Tre’ Tunstill (2012-2013)
Sports Director: Jarron Jackson (2011-2012)
Sports Director: Kurt Darling (2010-2011)
Sports Director: Sean Dunham (2009-2010)
Sports Director: Shannon Eck (2008-2009)
Co-Sports Directors: Andy Rodick and Zack Stone (2007-2008)
Sports Director: Alex Kirby (2005-2007)
Sports Director: Bill Manlove (2004-2005)
Sports Director: Adam Hedrick (2003-2004)
Sports Director: Elliott Adams (2002-2003)
Sports Director: Jason Adamson (2001-2002)
Sports Director: Scott Cowan (2000-2001)
Production Director: Derek Hurt (2008-2009)
Production Director: Daniel Devine (2007-2008)
Production Director: Josh Byrer (2006-2007)
Production Director: Jake Runnals (2005-2006)
Co-Production Directors: Sara Cortez and Tim Barrie (2004-2005)
Production Director: Steven Sewell (2003-2004)
Production Director: Brian Johnson (2001-2002)
Production Director: Michelle Botzum (2000-2001)
Promotions Director: Cesar Fernandez (2019-2020)
Co-Promotions Directors: Anil Jani and Cameron Goodwin (2013-2014)
Promotions Director: Patrick Sebanc (2009-2010)
Promotions Director: Shannon Eck (2008-2009)
Co-Promotions Directors: Shandy Lee and Zack Stone (2007-2008)
Co-Promotions Directors: Joe Ferguson and Garrison King (2006-2007)
Promotions Director: Garrison King (2005-2006)
Co-Promotions Directors: Krissi Carr and Susan Farmer (2004-2005)
Promotions Director: Keith Fry (2003-2004)
Promotions Director: Jennifer Huber (2002-2003)
Promotions Director: Larry Curd (2001-2002)
Co-Promotions Directors: Ryan Campbell and Kellie Rinehart (2000-2001)
Mornings: Tiffany Thorpe (Now APD/MD/middays at WVFJ in Atlanta, Georgia)
Airstaff: Chris Jones
Airstaff: Crystal McKenzie
Airstaff: Jered Petry

Station History

Station signed on September 13, 1965 with a partial broadcast schedule. On February 14, 1966, WBDG began a regular broadcast schedule, with ten watts of power. On June 1, 2002, WBDG changed format from Variety to Hot AC and monikers from "Radio Spectrum, B91" to "Giant 90.9, The New WBDG."

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