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The Essentials

Call Letters: WBOI
Frequency: 89.1fm
City of License: Fort Wayne
Metro(s): Fort Wayne
Power: 34,000 watts @ 604 feet (Class B)
Format: News/Classical/Jazz
Address: P.O. Box 8459, Fort Wayne, IN 46898-8459
Address: 3204 Clairmont Court, Fort Wayne, IN 46808-4513
Phone: 260.452.1189
Ownership: Northeast Indiana Public Radio, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Peter Dominowski
OM: Katy Anderson
Mornings: Morning Edition (5am - 10am) (Lisa Ryan is the local host)
Late Mornings: The Diane Rehm Show (10am - 12pm)
Early Afternoons: Here and Now (12pm - 2pm) (July 1, 2013 - Current)
Early Afternoons: Fresh Air with Terry Gross (2pm - 3pm)
Mid-Afternoons: BBC Newshour (3pm - 4pm) (July 1, 2013 - Current)
Afternoons: All Things Considered (4pm - 7pm) (Katy Anderson is the local host)
Nights: TED Radio Hour (Monday 7pm - 8pm)
Nights: Meet the Music (Monday 8pm - 10pm)
Nights: Blue Plate Special (Monday 10pm - 11pm)
Nights: The Moth Radio Hour (Tuesday 7pm - 8pm)
Nights: Bob Mayer ("Tossed Jazz Salad") (Tuesday 8:30pm - 10pm)
Nights: Bob Ferguson ("Guitar Showcase") (Tuesday 10pm - 11pm)
Nights: WBOI Presents (Wednesday 7pm - 8pm)
Nights: Folktales (Wednesday 8pm - 9pm)
Nights: Black Light Radio (Wednesday 9pm - 11pm)
Nights: RadioLab (Thursday 7pm - 8pm)
Nights: Meet the Music (Thursday 8pm - 10pm)
Nights: The Movie Music Spotlight (Thursday 10pm - 11pm) (September 4, 2014 - Current)
Nights: This American Life (Friday 7pm - 8pm)
Nights: Friday Vibe with Bill Forsysthe & Bruce Reidenbach (Friday 8:30 - 11pm)
Overnights: BBC World Service (11pm - 5am)
Weekends: BBC World Service (Saturday 12am - 7am)
Weekends: Sound Medicine (Saturday 6am - 7am)
Weekends: Only A Game (Saturday 7am - 8am)
Weekends: Weekend Edition Saturday (Saturday 8am - 10am)
Weekends: Car Talk (Saturday 10am - 11am)
Weekends: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (Saturday 11am - 12pm)
Weekends: Ask Me Another (Saturday 12pm - 1pm)
Weekends: Radiolab (Saturday 1pm - 2pm)
Weekends: Science Friday (Saturday 2pm - 4pm)
Weekends: WBOI Presents (Saturday 4pm - 5pm)
Weekends: Weekend All Things Considered (Saturday 5pm - 6pm)
Weekends: Folktales (Saturday 8pm - 9pm)
Weekends: Sidetracks (Saturday 9pm - 11pm)
Weekends: BBC World Service (Saturday 11pm - Sunday 4am)
Weekends: Dee McKinley ("Gospel Flight") (Sunday 4am - 8am)
Weekends: Weekend Edition Sunday (Sunday 8am - 10am)
Weekends: Car Talk (Sunday 10am - 11am)
Weekends: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (Sunday 11am - 12pm)
Weekends: This American Life (Sunday 1pm - 2pm)
Weekends: TED Radio Hour (Sunday 2pm - 3pm)
Weekends: The Splendid Table (Sunday 3pm - 4pm) (February 7, 2009 - Current)
Weekends: Travel with Rick Steves (Sunday 4pm - 5pm)
Weekends: All Things Considered (Sunday 5pm - 6pm)
Weekends: Connexxion Latina (Sunday 6pm - 7pm)
Weekends: Ask Me Another (Sunday 7pm - 8pm) (September 6, 2014 - Current)
Weekends: The Burnt Toast Show (Sunday 8pm - 11pm)
Weekends: BBC World Service (Sunday 11pm - 12am)



Faculty Advisor: Carl Vandagrift (Former GM of WOWO)
GM: Tom Jamrose (February 1978 - August 1980) (Now out of radio)
GM: George Wendt (September 1980)
Chief Engineer: Dave Cottrell
Chief Engineer: Ron Crouch (1978)
Chief Engineer: Ron Roberts (1979-1981)
PD: Kitty Degler (February 1980 - July 1981)
PD: Gerald (Jerry) Davis (March 1978 - November 1979)
PD: Mike Rothe
PD: Andrew Anderson
Production Director: J. Michael Venable (1978 - January 1982)



GM: Bruce R. Haines (Now GM at WFWA-TV)
GM: Joan Brown (2008 - December 2010)
GM: Will Murphy (January 2011 - December 7, 2012) (From CEO/Station Manager at WFHB) (Now PD at WFIU)
Assistant GM: Karen Fraser
Chief Engineer: Mike Peters
Chief Engineer: Ed Didier (July 2006 - ?) (Now Chief Engineer at the Adams Radio Group, Inc. radio stations in Fort Wayne)
OM/Production Director: J. Michael Venable
OM/PD: Kevin Kreigh (November 2009 - February 2011)
Jazz Director: Doug Gruber (Deceased 19 February 2014)
News Director: Colleen Condron (July 1998 - ?) (Now out of radio)
News Director: Phil Shaull
News Director: Sean Bueter (Now a reporter for WFDD-FM in Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
Mornings: Jeanette Dillon (local host, during NPR's "Morning Edition")
Early Afternoons: Midday Matters (12pm - 1pm)
Early Afternoons: "Day to Day" (12pm - 1pm) (? - March 2009)
Early Afternoons: "On Point" (1pm - 2pm) (February 8, 2010 - ?)
Early Afternoons: World Have Your Say (1pm - 2pm)
Early Evenings: American Routes (Monday 7pm - 9pm)
Mid-Afternoons: Talk of the Nation (2pm - 4pm)
Nights: Jazz with Clif Wallace (Monday 10pm - 12am)
Nights: Jason Wilber ("In Search of a Song") (Monday 10pm - 11pm)
Nights: Little Brother Radio (Thursday 9pm - 12am)
Nights: Afterglow with David Brent Johnson (Tuesday 9pm - 10pm)
Nights: Piano Jazz Rising Stars (Tuesday 10pm - 11pm)
Nights: Under the Influence (Thursday 9pm - 10pm)
Nights: Night Lights with David Brent Johnson (Friday 11pm - 12am)
Weekends: John Moe ("Weekend America") (? - January 31, 2009)
Weekends: Doug Gruber ("All That Jazz") (Saturday 2pm - 5pm) (Deceased 19 February 2014)
Weekends: Saturday Fade (Saturday 9pm - 12am)
Weekends: Nightflight Jazz (Saturday 9pm - 10pm)
Weekends: Acoustic Spoken Word Cafe (Saturday 11pm - 12am)
Weekends: Stuart McClean ("The Vinyl Cafe") (Sunday 12pm - 1pm) (December 2011 - ?)
Weekends: The State We're In (Sunday 2pm - 3pm) (December 2011 - ?)
Weekends: From the Top (Sunday 4pm - 5pm)
Weekends: Meet the Music (Encore) (Sunday 7pm - 9pm)
Weekends: A Prairie Home Companion (Saturday 6pm - 8pm) (? - 2016)

Station History

89.1fm signed on June 15, 1978.


WIPU signed on Thursday June 15, 1978 at 5pm from the library basement of Indiana Purdue University at Fort Wayne (IPFW). That summer, the station was on the air nightly from 5:00pm - 10:00pm. By 1979, the station broadcast from 2:00pm until 12:00am, Monday through Friday. Saturday, they were on the air from 2:00pm until 10:00pm. In October 1981, a fund drive was established, as the University could no longer afford to subsidize the radio station. The fund drive raised more than $50,000. Public Broadcasting of Northeast Indiana later took over the station. On January 15, 1982, the license was officially transferred.



The FCC approved the WBOI calls in 2000. WBOI (then at 91.3fm with a translator on 88.7fm) switched frequencies with the more powerful 89.1fm frequency on June 28, 2004.

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