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The Essentials

Call Letters: WVMC
Frequency: Formerly 1360am
City of License: Mount Carmel, Illinois
Metro(s): Evansville
Power: 500 watts - Day, 20 watts - Night (ND) (Class D)
Format: Standards
Address: 606 Market Street, Mount Carmel, IL 62863-1459
Phone: 618.262.4102
Ownership: Southern Wabash Communications Corp.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM/PD: Scott Allen
SM: Kevin Madden


WVMC(AM) (Take 1)


GM: Dave Crooks (May 2000 - ?)
President/GM: David E. Hurlbut
Chief Engineer: Leonard L. Oursler
Chief Engineer: Tom McKleroy
VP/Marketing: Ken Kessler
PD: Gary Lee Hoffman
PD: Scott Allen
MD: Dave Evans
Production Director: David W. Kunkel
ND: Bill Yarbor

WVMC(AM) (Take 2)

Station History

1360am signed on December 1, 1948.

WVMC(AM) (Take 1)

Owned by Charles F. Rodgers, with studios at 727 Main St., Mount Carmel, IL.


WYER(AM) was owned by Hugo Communications, Inc.. WYER changed calls to WVMC in July 1997.

WVMC(AM) (Take 2)

Mark & Saundra Lange, then part-owners of Old Northwest Broadcasting, bought out the other two principles in late 1999. WVMC was sold to Randy Bell's Wabash Communications, Inc. in October 2001 for $85,000.

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