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The Essentials

Call Letters: WNTS
Frequency: 1590am
City of License: Beech Grove
Metro(s): Indianapolis
Power: 5000 watts - Day, 500 watts - Night, DA-3
Format: Regional Mexican
Address: 1800 N. Meridian Street, Suite 201, Indianapolis, IN 46202-1433
Phone: 317.472.7137
Ownership: Continental Broadcast Group, LLC
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Bart Johnson
Chief Engineer: Kim Hurst
OM/PD: Mayra Arroyo
Mornings: Enrique Santos (6:00am - 10:00am)
Late Mornings: Orange Barbee (10:00am - 3:00pm)



GM: Arnold C. Johnson
Chief Engineer: Edgar N. Bouchard
Chief Engineer: Warren Fooks (Deceased 1 February 1992)
PD: Frederick H. Kuhlmann
PD: Bob Todd
News Director: David Bailey
Weekends: Scott Wheeler
Airstaff: Wally Baker
Airstaff: George L. Davis (1970-1971)
Airstaff: Jim Fox
Airstaff: Milt Nixon
Airstaff: Greg Schaeffer
Airstaff: Dale Sommers (Deceased 24 August 2012)
Airstaff: Dan Stevens


President/GM/GSM: Milt Lewis
PD/MD: Bob Todd
Weekends: Scott Wheeler
Airstaff: Buddy O'Shea
Airstaff: Ralph Western


Owner: Samuel W. Smulyan (Deceased 1 October 1996)
President: Jack Marsella (Formerly VP/GM)
GM: Jeff Smulyan (Now Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Emmis Communications Corp.)
GM/GSM/PD: Jim Wilson
Chief Engineer: Warren Fooks
Chief Engineer: Mike Rabey
Chief Engineer: Jeff Goode
Chief Engineer: Phil Alexander
PD: Steve Dallas
MD: Larry Dean (1995 - ?; Weekends: January 1980 - 1995)
News Director: Steve Dallas
Early Afternoons: Larry Dean (1pm - 4pm) (1995 - ?; Weekends: January 1980 - 1995)
Nights: Chris Moore (7pm - 12am) (August 1994 - ?)
Airstaff: Rick Cummings (Now President of Radio Programming for Emmis Communications Corp.)
Airstaff: Casey Jones
Airstaff: Dave Letterman (Yes, that Dave Letterman)
Airstaff: Lou Sherman (Deceased 29 September 1998)

Station History

1590am signed on December 10, 1956.


Owned by Rollins Broadcasting, Inc. Studios located at the transmitter site: 4800 E. Raymond St., Indianapolis, IN 46203-4898. Later, WGEE(AM) simulcast with WGEE-FM.


Owned by B&G Broadcasting Co. Country & Western format. WNIR flipped formats from country to News/Talk/Sports perhaps in 1974. WNIR was a daytime only station with 5,000 watts, Directional.


Studios formerly located at the transmitter site: 4800 East Raymond Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203-4898. In 1979, the FCC granted 500 watts of night power to WNTS, along with a directional pattern, and a city of license change from Indianapolis to Beech Grove. In October 1998, the station was transferred from the Estate of Samuel W. Smulyan (Emmis Communications' President Jeffrey Smulyan's father) to the Testamentary Trust of Samuel W. Smulyan. When S + M Broadcasting Co., Inc. owned the station, it aired a religious format and southern gospel. In July 2005, S + M Broadcasting Co., Inc. sold WNTS for $2 million to Davidson Media Group. WNTS flipped formats from Southern Gospel to Regional Mexican. In December 2014, Davidson Media Group sold WNTS for $950,000 to Continental Broadcast Group, LLC. Studios formerly located at 3745 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46241-1503.

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