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The Essentials

Call Letters: WTTS
Frequency: 92.3fm
City of License: Bloomington
Metro(s): Bloomington/Indianapolis
Power: 37,000 watts @ 1090 feet (Class B)
Format: AAA
Address: 400 One City Centre, Bloomington, IN 47404-9924
Address: 407 Fulton Street, Suite 92, Indianapolis, IN 46202-3759
Phone: 812.332.3366
Phone: 317.972.9887
Ownership: Sarkes Tarzian, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


VP/GM: Geoff Vargo
Chief Engineer: Marc Antonetti
GSM: Daryl McIntire
PD: Brad Holtz
APD/MD: Laura Duncan
Production Director: Jake Keebler
Promotions Director: McKenzie McCarthy (March 2016 - Current) (From Promotions and Marketing Coordinator)
Mornings: Paul Mendenhall (5:30am - 10am) (November 2001 - Current)
Middays: Brad Holtz (12pm - 3pm)
Afternoons: Laura Duncan (3pm - 7pm) (Was also MD July 2004 - ?)
Nights: "Little Steven's Underground Garage" (Thursday 10pm - 12am)
Weekends: Diane Daily
Weekends: "eTown" (Sunday 6am - 7am)
Weekends: "Groove Show" (Saturday 10pm - 12am)
Weekends: "Overeasy" (Sunday 7am - 11am)
Weekends: "Overeasy" (Sunday 7pm - 11pm)



President: Sarkes Tarzian (Deceased 7 October 1987)
GM: R.G. Holben
PD: Dave Nathan
PD: Dave Cole


President: Sarkes Tarzian (Deceased 7 October 1987)
VP/GM: Ronald Tarsi
GM: R. G. Holben
GM: Thomas Hunt
Chief Engineer: Mike Rabey
GSM: Doug Wells
GSM: Linda Clay
GSM: Jeff Weber (July 1999 - November 2000) (Now Consulting Operations Executive of the Blue Star Media Group)
GSM: Roger Ingram (1997 - 2008) (Now Station Manager at KHAT(AM), KIMX-FM, KRQU-FM, and KUSZ-FM in Laramie, Wyoming)
GSM: Tony Gazzana
PD: Dave Cole
PD: Dave Nathan
PD: Rich Anton (? - June 2000) (Now PD at WHUZ and WUUZ in Meadville/Franklin, Pennsylvania)
PD/MD: Jim Ziegler (September 2000 - March 2002) (From nights at KFOG in San Francisco, California) (Now PD at WOKI Knoxville, Tennessee)
APD: Marie McCallister (September 2000 - March 2002; Middays: October 1997 - March 2002) (Now PD at KPND in Spokane, Washington)
MD: Joel Widdows
MD: John McCue
News Director: Kirk Ardery
News Director: Rick Gudal
Production Director: Bill Flint
Promotions Director: Dave Nathan
Promotions Director: Heather Clausen
Promotions Director: Pam Thrash
Promotions Director: Marty Posch
Promotions Director: Johnette Cruz (February 19, 2008 - ?)
Promotions Director: Annie Bogigian
Promotions Director: Josh Lantz (November 2011 March 2016)
Mornings: Jill Savage (October 2000 - ?)
Late Mornings: Todd Berryman (9am - 12pm)
Afternoons: Jimi Hurley (1990 - September 2000) (Deceased 21 April 2013)
Nights: Robin Concannon
Nights: Ian Shane
Nights: Bill Flint (7pm - 12am)
Overnights: Jason Bottom
Weekends: Brooke Butler
Weekends: Natalie Edwards
Weekends: Ted Scott
Weekends: House of Blues Radio Hour (Sunday 11pm - 12am)
Weekends: Erin Masterson (Now out of radio)
Airstaff: Victor H. Sterling (Deceased 1 August 2001)
Karen Steele (? - March 2000) (Now a newsperson at Emmis Communications' Network Indiana)

Station History

92.3fm signed on January 7, 1960.


Country and Western music format. Studios located at 535 S. Walnut St., Bloomington, IN 47401.


WTTS is named after Sarkes Tarzian's son Tom (wTTs = Tom Tarzian). WTTS' Indianapolis office was located at 10 South New Jersey Street, Suite 220, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2633.

For Further Reading...

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