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The Essentials

Call Letters: WASK-FM
Frequency: 98.7fm
City of License: Battle Ground
Metro(s): Lafayette
Power: 4400 watts @ 384 feet (Class A)
Format: Classic Hits
Address: P.O. Box 7880, Lafayette, IN 47903-7880
Address: 3575 McCarty Lane, Lafayette, IN 47905-4985
Phone: 765.447.2186
Ownership: Neuhoff Communications
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Brian Green
Chief Engineer: Steve Truex
GSM: Matt Moore (September 2016 - Current)
PD: Bryan McGarvey
Farm Director: Skip Davis
Promotions Director: Joe Lacay
Mornings: Bryan McGarvey (5am - 10am) ("Mac in the Morning") (July 2000 - Current) (From weekends at WGLM)
Middays: Randy Jones (10am - 3pm) (From weekends at WKOA)
Afternoons: Dave Patrick
Nights: Dave's Diner
Weekends: Casey Kasem's American Top 40: The 70's (Saturday 6am - 9am)
Weekends: Dick Bartley "Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits" (Saturday 7pm - 12am)
Weekends: Dick Bartley "American Gold" (Sunday 6am - 10am)
Weekends: "Truckin' Tom Kent" (Sunday 7pm - 12am)




CEO/President/CFO/GM: Mick Brooks
Chief Engineer: Kim Hurst
Chief Engineer: Alex Keddie (Now Corporate Regional Engineer at Entercom Communications Corp.)
GSM: Diana Waltz
OM/PD: Buzz Fitzgerald
MD: Shaun Campbell
Promotions Director: Virginia Leahy


GM: Hal Youart (? - November 2003) (Retired)
GM: John Schurz (October 2007 - ?) (From SM)
GM/GSM: John Trent (? - October 2007) (Retired)
OM/PD: Don Riley (1983 - 2000; OM/PD: 1997-2000) (Now local Morning Edition host at WFYI)
OM/PD: Randy Jones (July 2000 - ?)
OM: Mark Allen (May 2004 - ?)
PD: Keith Harris (1983-1997) (Now with Shane Media in Houston, Texas)
PD: Jerry Collins
SM: Scott Lindahl
Promotions Director: Bob Miller
Promotions Director: Lindsay Reinert (May 2004 - January 2008) (Now Promotions Director at KALC-FM in Denver, Colorado)
Promotions Director: Liz Hahn (April 2008 - ?)
News Director: Eric Burch (? - October 2, 2006)
Newsperson: Andy Ober
Mornings: Don Riley (6am - 10am) (1983 - 2000) (Now local Morning Edition host at WFYI)
Middays: Carol Curtis-Stone (10am - 3pm)
Middays: Dan Somers (10am - 3pm) (January 2005 - ?)
Afternoons: Steven Boker ("Bobby Rivers") (January 2005 - February 9, 2005) (Deceased 9 February 2005)
Nights: Steve Fuller (7pm - 12am) (1994 - ?) (From Weekends)
Overnights: J.J. Martin (12am - 6am) (December 1997 - ?)
Larry Dean

Station History

98.7fm signed on March 11, 1993.



Alternative music format. Studios formerly located at 190 Professional Court, Lafayette, IN 47905 (Telephone: 317.441.9870 and 317.448.9111).


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