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The Essentials

Call Letters: WPUM
Frequency: Formerly 90.5fm
Frequency: 93.3fm
City of License: Rensselaer
Metro(s): Rensselaer
Power: 60 watts @ 118 feet (Class D)
Format: Variety
Address: P.O. Box 651, Rensselaer, IN 47978-0651
Phone: 219.866.6000
Phone: 219.866.6211
Ownership: St. Joseph's College
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


Faculty Advisor: Sally Berger
Nights: Reid Brazel ("90's till 9") (Wednesday 6pm - 8pm)
Airstaff: Megan Atwood
Airstaff: Reid Brazel
Airstaff: Catherine Butler
Airstaff: Jessica Curbis
Airstaff: Biz Desta
Airstaff: Patrick McElwain
Airstaff: Dave Myrda
Airstaff: Chris Pullins
Airstaff: Amanda Rousseau
Airstaff: Alycia Tassone
Airstaff: Brendon Varallo
Airstaff: Jennie Weer
Airstaff: Corie Young
Student Run; Staff Changes Yearly


Faculty Advisor: Fred Berger
GM/PD: Peter Hayes Haring
Airstaff: Christina Allis
Airstaff: Alexis Clagon
Airstaff: Tyler Conroy
Airstaff: Katie Dittman
Airstaff: Darryl Jordan
Airstaff: Hanna Kane
Airstaff: Josiah Lytell
Airstaff: Olivia Markwalder
Airstaff: Kaylee Morse
Airstaff: Ashley Naillieux
Airstaff: Andrew Pyzdrowski
Airstaff: Mark Rouse
Airstaff: Jon Smith
Airstaff: Mackenzie Tobar
Airstaff: Joe Tooks
Airstaff: Mike Weber
Airstaff: Patrick Wilson

Station History

Before 90.5fm signed on, it was a carrier current station (WOWI). 90.5fm signed on September 6, 1977. When WPUM signed on, it had 10 watts. WPUM applied to move to 88.5fm, running 1000 watts at 118 feet. The FCC denied that application in late March 2000. In September 2003, the format changed from Religious/Variety to Modern Rock. In November 2008, WPUM moved down the dial from 90.5fm to 93.3fm and increased power to 90 watts. WPUM's music format ranges from 1950s to current music.

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