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The Essentials

Call Letters: WBCL
Frequency: 90.3fm
City of License: Fort Wayne
Metro(s): Fort Wayne
Power: 26,000 watts @ 692 feet (Class B)
Format: Religious
Address: 1115 W. Rudisill Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN 46807-2142
Phone: 260.745.0576
Ownership: Taylor University Broadcasting, Inc.
Web Presence:
Notes: WBCL simulcasts on WBCJ, WBCY (89.5fm, Spencerville, Ohio), WCVM (94.7fm, Bronson, Michigan), and on translators W249BT (97.7fm, Adrian, Michigan), and on translators W267BN and W291AH.

Station Personnel


GM: Ross McCampbell (From APD/middays)
OM: Dan Lake
PD: Scott Tsuleff
News Director: Larry Bower (August 2001 - Current; ND: March 2004 - Current)
Production Director: Ron Schneemann
Promotions Director: Tiffany Schortgen
Development Director: Jeri Rusk
Mornings: Phil Reaser (6am - 10am) (May 1996 - Current)
Mornings: Jim Barron (6am - 10am) (May 2004 - Current)
Mornings: Larry Bower (6am - 10am)
Middays: Lynne Ford (10am - 2pm)
Middays: PeggySue Wells (10am - 2pm) (Producer)
Afternoons: Scott Tsuleff (2pm - 6pm)
Nights: Ron Schneemann (6pm - 9pm)
Weekends: Praise & Worship Music (Sunday 6am - 12pm)


GM: Mike Hewberger
GM: Ken Hill
GM: Jim Schweickart (January 1979 - 1985)
GM: Marsha Bunker (2006 - ?)
Chief Engineer: Bill Ryan
Chief Engineer: Jeff Carlson (? - December 8, 1995) (Deceased 8 December 1995)
OM/Mornings: Jeff Carlson (? - December 8, 1995) (Deceased 8 December 1995)
OM: Tim Yazel (January 1996 - March 2003)
OM: Craig Albrecht
PD: John Skillman (Now nights at WEEC in Xenia, Ohio)
News Director: Phil Richard
News Director: Jason Craner (July 2000 - May 2005) (From News Director/mornings at WLGH in Lansing, Michigan) (Now News Director for WJQK and WPNW in the Grand Rapids, Michigan market.)
Promotions Director: Lori Reese
Promotions Director: Jill Kauffman (August 2007 - August 2013) (Now Promotions Director at WAFJ-FM in North Augusta, South Carolina)
Mid-Mornings: Char Binkley (9am - 10am)
Middays: Bekah Shaffer (10am - 2pm) (Producer)
Nights: Jim Dunn (6pm - 9pm) (July 2001 - ?)

Station History

90.3fm signed on January 12, 1976.

For Further Reading...

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