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The Essentials

Call Letters: WKUZ
Frequency: 95.9fm
City of License: Wabash
Power: 4200 watts @ 394 feet (Class A)
Format: Country
Address: P.O. Box 342, Wabash, IN 46992-0342
Address: 1864-A South Wabash Street, Wabash, IN 46992-4120
Phone: 260.563.4111
Ownership: Upper Wabash Broadcasting Co.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM/PD: Charles Adams
OM: Dan McKay
APD: Jerry Stifle
Mornings: Charles Adams (6am - 10am)
Middays: Charles Adams (10am - 2pm)
Afternoons: Sonia Holley (2pm - 7pm)




GM: Harold Parshall
GM: Paul G. Adams
Chief Engineer: Harold Parshall
Chief Engineer: Don Spangler
PD: John Goble
Early Mornings: Chuck Adams (6am - 8am)
Mornings: Steve Lewis (8am - 11am)
Mornings: Amber Childers (6am - 10am)
Sports Announcer: William "Bill" Rogge (Deceased 22 June 1999)
Late Mornings: Dave Hunter (10am - 11am)
Middays: Penny Mitchell (11am - 2pm)
Middays: Dave Bogart (11am - 4pm)
Afternoons: Bobby Sherman (2pm - 7pm)
Afternoons: Scott Curtis (4pm - 9pm)
Nights: Joani Williams (7pm - 12am)
Overnights: Bill Saul (12am - 6am)
Overnights: Bob Logan/Tim Brotzman (9pm - 3am)
Early Mornings: Rick Brady (3am - 6am)

Station History

95.9fm signed on April 1, 1965.



WKUZ changed formats on August 3, 2007 from Jones Radio Networks "Country" to their "AC" format. On October 20, 2014, WKUZ dropped its AC format and flipped to a country music format.

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