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The Essentials

Call Letters: WPFR
Frequency: 1480am
City of License: Terre Haute
Metro(s): Terre Haute
Power: 5000 watts - Day, 1000 watts - Night; DA2, U.
Format: Religious
Address: 3775 W. Duggar Ave., West Terre Haute, IN 47885-9794
Phone: 812.595.1937
Ownership: Word Power, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Paul Ford
PD: Eleanor Ford
Mornings: Paul and Eleanor Ford ("Good Morning")



President: Raymond J. Kearns (1946-1948)
President/GM: Anton "Tony" Hulman, Jr. (Deceased 27 October 1977)
GM: Robert Warner (1947)
GM: Joseph Higgins
GM: Russ Arnold
GM: David Liston (from Station Manager)
VP/Sales: Robert Larr (1970s)
Chief Engineer: G. Franklin Lee (1947-1948)
Chief Engineer: T.R. Felts (1949-1951)
Chief Engineer: Don E. Petit
Chief Engineer: Russ Arnold
Chief Engineer: Don Mier
Chief Engineer: Henry Ruh
Chief Engineer: Carl Plaster
Chief Engineer: Mark Morrow
Chief Engineer: Jerry Arnold
GSM: George Foulkes
GSM: Jim Bell
SM: Don Tucker (1969 - ?)
SM: Joe Hanna
PD: Arnold Johnson (1940s-1950)
PD: Ben Falber, Jr.
PD: Ronn Mott (1964 - 1969) (Deceased 17 July 2017)
PD: Mike Ventura (1969 - 1972)
PD: Dale Turner (? - 1974)
PD: Fred Morse (1974 - ?) (From Production Director)
PD: Madeline Barry
PD: Tom Lawrence
PD: Darl Wible
PD: Jay Allen
PD: Barry Kent (1980s)
News Director: Sidney Silverman
News Director: Ed Gress
News Director: Howard Caldwell
News Director: Guy King (1969 - 1974?)
News Director: Helen Ryan
News Director: Martin Plascak
Farm Director: Earl C. Johnson
Farm Director: Gregg Callahan
Farm Director: Jim Ray
Production Director: Paul Randall Dickerson ("Dick Randall") (1965 - 1968)
Promotions Director: Earl Johnson
Promotions Director: Bill Ewing
Promotions Director: Bill Hawkins
Mornings: Dale Turner
Middays: Paul Randall Dickerson ("Dick Randall") (1965 - 1968)
Airstaff: Andy Bickel
Airstaff: Bryan T. Hayden
Airstaff: Ron Howes
Airstaff: Loren Owens
Airstaff: Gene Rump


Rob Youngblood (Now anchor/reporter at WISH-TV in Indianapolis)

Station History


1480am signed on January 6, 1948, with 1000 watts. Studios located at 308 Fairbanks Block, Terre Haute, IN. Studios later located at 120 S. 7th St., Terre Haute, IN. In the mid-1950s, WTHI(AM) moved to 918 Ohio St., Terre Haute, IN. CBS affiliate. Later, an NBC affiliate. In 1967, the FCC granted a CP for WTHI to increase daytime power from 1000 watts to 5000 watts, and change from DA-1 to DA-2. Emmis purchased both stations from Wabash Valley Broadcasting Corp. in 1998. The $90 million purchase price included WWVR. Word Power, Inc. purchased WTHI(AM) in 2000. Studios formerly located at 18889 N. 2350th Street, Dennison, IL 62423-2523.


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