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The Essentials

Call Letters: WFIW
Frequency: 1390am
City of License: Fairfield, Illinois
Metro(s): Evansville
Power: 710 watts - Day, 58 watts - Night (ND) (Class D)
Format: News/Talk
Address: P.O. Box 310, Fairfield, IL 62837-0310
Phone: 618.842.2159
Ownership: The Original Company, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM/PD/SM: David H. Land (At least 1980 - Current)
News Director: Len Wells
Mornings: Gospel Time with Dave Rigg (5am - 5:30am)
Mornings: RFD Illinois (5:30am - 6am)
Mornings: Breakfast Nook (6am - 8am)
Mornings: Baptist Hour (9am - 9:30am)
Mid-Mornings: Dave Ramsey (9:30am - 11am)
Late Mornings: "Local Talk Show" (11am - 11:30am)
Late Mornings: Swap Shop (11:30am - 12pm)
Middays: Markets and News (12pm - 1pm)
Mid-Afternoons: Rush Limbaugh (1pm - 4pm)
Afternoons: Clark Howard (4pm - 5pm)
Afternoons: Deron Caudle ("News") (5pm - 5:30pm)
Afternoons: The Old Gospel Ship (5:30pm - 6pm)
Afternoons: Clark Howard (6pm - 7pm)
Nights: Roger Hedgecock (7pm - 10pm)
Overnights: Coast to Coast AM (12am - 5am)


President: Thomas S. Land (Deceased 22 October 2011)
Chief Engineer: Gilbert T. Wallace
News Director: Darrell Linne
Sports Director: Stan David
Mornings: Gil Wallace (Retired)
Mornings: Duke and The Doctor (8am - 9am) (? - January 2014)
Nights: Dr. Joy Browne (10pm - 12am)

Station History

WFIW(AM) signed on at 1:00PM on August 21, 1953. The WFIW call letters stand for Fairfield-Illinois-Wayne. Wayne County Broadcasting Co. sold WFIW(AM) and its two sister stations in July 2012 for $962,767 to The Original Company, Inc.

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