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The Essentials

Call Letters: WKKG
Frequency: 101.5fm
City of License: Columbus
Metro(s): Columbus
Power: 50,000 watts @ 492 feet (Class B)
Format: Country
Address: P.O. Box 1789, Columbus, IN 47202-1789
Address: 3212 Washington Street, Columbus, IN 47203-1505
Phone: 812.372.4448
Ownership: White River Broadcasting Co., Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Bob Morrison
Chief Engineer: Chuck Weber
SM: Bob Morrison (2014 - Current)
PD: Kelsey James
News Director: John Clark
Sports Director: Sam Simmermaker
Mornings: Kelsey James (5am - 10am) (From mornings at WGCS)
Middays: Brad Jackson (10am - 3pm)
Afternoons: Mike Sullivan (3pm - 7pm)
Nights: Lia (7pm - 12am)
Weekends: Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 (Sunday 10am - 2pm)
Weekends: Darren Tandy



GM: Jack Douglas
Chief Engineer: Max Cockley
PD: Donald Pille
News Director: Sam Simmermaker


GM/SM: Tasha Mann
Director of Programming: John Foster (GM: 2014 - 2016; Director of Programming: 1994 - 2016)
SM: Gordon Lake
PD/MD: "Big" Mike Patrick (PD: January 2001 - February 22, 2002; MD: August 1998 - February 22, 2002)
PD: Scott Michaels
News Director: Lani Weigler
News Director: Mark Webber
News Director: Barry Wright (May 2012 - January 2014) (From news reporter at the Bristol Broadcasting radio stations in Paducah, Kentucky) (Now a news reporter for the River Radio of Southern Illinois radio stations in Carterville, Illinois)
Production Director: Michael Sullivan (2014 - ?)
Mornings: JOhn Trout
Mornings: "Big" Mike Patrick (5:30am - 10am) (? - February 22, 2002; Nights before that)
Mornings: C.J. Miller (April 2002 - ?; afternoons before that)
Mornings: "Java" Joe Kelly
Mornings: Matt King ("WKKG Early Mornings With Matt") (5am - 10am)
Mornings: Olivia Smiley (5am - 10am) (June 2010 - August 2012)
Mornings: Scott Michaels (5am - 10am)
Middays: Bart Ellison (10am - 3pm)
Middays: John Foster (10am - 2pm)
Middays: Rich Anthony (10am - 12pm)
Early Afternoons: Olivia Smiley (12pm - 3pm)
Nights: Joe Thunder (1998 - 2000) (From weekends at WFMS)
Nights: Mike Carter (1997) (Now PD/Mornings at KWWR in Mexico, Missouri)
Nights: Brian Rawlings (7pm - 12am)
Overnights: Duke Richards (Midnight - 5:30am)
Overnights: Danny Wright (12am - 5am)
Weekends: Trey McKain (? - February 2000)
Weekends: Larry Dean
Jeff Hollan
Gil Nalley

Station History

101.5fm signed on in 1958.


WCSI-FM first broadcast from 1947 until 1949. In 1950, WCSI-FM resurfaced on 93.7fm, and moved to 98.3fm by 1958. The FCC granted a license to a new WCSI-FM in 1958, on 101.5fm with 20,000 watts. WCSI-FM was one of the first Indiana stations to broadcast in multiplex stereo. 1985 saw the calls change to WKKG.


In 1987, WKKG increased power to 50,000 watts.

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