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The Essentials

Call Letters: WGLL
Frequency: 1570am
City of License: Auburn
Metro(s): Fort Wayne
Power: 500 watts - Day, 150 watts - Night (DA-1)
Format: Religious
Address: 5446 C.R. 29, Auburn, IN 46706
Phone: 260.925.4300
Ownership: The Raymond S. and Dorothy N. Moore Foundation

Station Personnel


VP/GM: Raymond Alexander



Owner: Wayne Paradise (Deceased 9 September 2013)
Owner: Frank Kovas (Deceased 29 January 2005)
GM: Dennis Hackett
GM: Connie Kovas
Chief Engineer: Wayne Paradise (Deceased 9 September 2013)
Chief Engineer: John Ober
GSM: Ed Water
PD: Jerry Clark
PD: Scott Kinzie (From MD)
MD: Sue Thompson
MD: Bob Richards
News Director: Bill Rump
News Director: Phil Haberkorn
News Director: Tim Murray (Now News Director at WTHD)
Production Director: Jerry Clark
Promotions Director: Jerry Clark
Promotions Director: Brian Pickering
Airstaff: Laura Robinson


Owner: Frank Kovas (Deceased 29 January 2005)
VP/GM: John Sloan (January 1997 - ?)
GM: Connie Kovas
GM: Bill Collins (July 1995 - ?)
GM: Palmer Pyle (? - March 1998)
SM: Nancy Cunningham (March 1998 - ?)
OM: Dave Lang (? - March 1998)
Production Director: Scott Kolesar (March 1998 - ?) (Now in sales with Clear Channel Radio in Sarasota, Florida)

Station History


We believe WIFF signed on September 3, 1968. Country and Western format. Later, a Jazz and New Age format. Studios located at 5446 County Road 29, Auburn, IN 46706-9602 (Telephone: 219.925.1055). In September 1995, C. P. Broadcasters, Inc. sold WIFF(AM) and WIFF-FM (then on 105.5fm) for $300,000.


WGLL was off the air from October 3, 2002 to April 14, 2003.

For Further Reading...

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