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The Essentials

Frequency: 95.7fm
City of License: Evansville
Metro(s): Evansville
Power: 250 watts
Format: AAA
Address: 8600 University Boulevard, Evansville, IN 47112-3596
Phone: 812.464.1836
Ownership: University of Southern Indiana
Web Presence:
Notes: Simulcasts WSWI(AM)

Station Personnel


GM: John Morris
Chief Engineer: Connie Keeling
Station Manager: Chris Howard
PD: Kayla McCarty
MD (Alternative): Josh Alexander
MD (Dubstep): Ben Howard
MD (Hip-Hop): Jenae' Kelly
News Director: Maddie West
Promotions Director: Kelli Witzigreuter
Sports Director: Michael Robertson
Airstaff: Chris Cannon (Monday 1pm - 3pm, Wednesday 1pm - 3pm, Friday 1pm - 3pm)
Airstaff: Michael Eggleston (Monday 9am - 1pm, Wednesday 11am - 1pm, Friday 9am - 1pm)
Airstaff: Alex Hoffmann (Tuesday Signon - 9am, Wednesday Signon - 9am, Friday Signon - 9am)
Airstaff: Ben Howard (Tuesday 7pm - 9pm, Thursday 7pm - 9pm)
Airstaff: Lucy Jones (Monday 5pm - 7pm, Wednesday 5pm - 7pm)
Airstaff: Jenae' Kelly (Sunday Signon - 11am)
Airstaff: Kayla McCarty (Tuesday 3pm - 5pm, Thursday 3pm - 5pm)
Airstaff: Matt Peak (Tuesday 9am - 11am, Thursday 9am - 11am)
Airstaff: Clay Roth (Monday Signon - 9am, Tuesday Signon - 9am, Thursday Signon - 9am)
Airstaff: Jaimie Salazar (Tuesday 1pm - 3pm, Thursday 1pm - 3pm)
Airstaff: ThuThienSuong Trinh (Tuesday 11am - 1pm, Thursday 11am - 1pm)
Airstaff: Saxony Wynecoop (Tuesday 5pm - 7pm, Thursday 5pm - 7pm)
Student Run; Staff Changes Yearly


Station History

In January 2016, Radio 74 Internationale sold the CP for W294BW (106.7fm, Knightstown) for $40,000 to The University of Southern Indiana. It's now W239CI on 95.7fm.

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