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The Essentials

Company Name: Pieratt Communications, Inc.
Address: 507 N. State Street, North Vernon, IN 47265-1041
Address: 2470 N. State Highway 7, North Vernon, IN 47265-7184
Phone: 812.346.1927
Phone: 812.346.9722
Web Presence:
Notes: Also known as "Columbus Radio, Inc." and "Star Media, Inc."

Corporate Personnel

Owner/President: Marty Pieratt

Stations Owned

(Sold in December 2013 to Wagon Wheel Broadcasting, LLC.)
(Purchased from White River Broadcasting Company, Inc.)
(Sold in December 2014 for $70,000.)
(Sold in April 2006 for $850,000 to Traskom, LLC)
(Purchased in November 2002 from Deaerborn County Broadcasters, Inc.)
(Purchased in May 1999 for $1.1 million from Artistic Media Partners, Inc.)
(Sold to White River Broadcasting Company, Inc.)
(Purchased in November 2002 from Dearborn County Broadcasters, Inc.)
(Sold in 2007 to Wagon Wheel Broadcasting, LLC)

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