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The Essentials

Company Name: Travis Broadcasting Corp., LLC
Address: 2000 Lower Huntington Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46819-1297
Phone: 260.747.1511
Web Presence:
Notes: Also known as "Travis Broadcasting Corp."

Corporate Personnel

Owners: Robert & Karen Travis

Stations Owned

(Purchased in 2001 for $7.5 million total from Kovas Communications.)
(Purchased in 2001 for $7.5 million total from Kovas Communications.)
(Purchased in 2001 for $7.5 million total from Kovas Communications.)
(Purchased in 2001 for $7.5 million total from Kovas Communications.)
(WEXI-FM and WXKE-FM both purchased in May 2003 for $4 million from Robert B. Taylor)
(All stations sold in July 2004 to Summit City Radio Group)


Travis Media sold its minority ownership in Summit City Radio Group, stepping down on 3 May 2004.

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