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The Essentials

Call Letters: WTGR
Frequency: 97.5fm
City of License: Union City, Ohio
Metro(s): Richmond
Power: 6000 watts @ 328 feet (AUX: 2000 watts @ 236 feet) (Class A)
Format: Country
Address: PO Box 176, Greenville, OH 45331-0176
Address: 514 Martin Street, Greenville, OH 45331-1827
Phone: 937.548.5085
Ownership: Positive Radio Group, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM/SM: Scott Ward
PD: Don LeDoux (July 2002 - Current)
News Director: Alex Mikos
Promotions Director: Shane Buckingham
Mornings: Scott Ward (6am - 9am)
Afternoons: Sharon Shelley (3pm - 8pm)


GM/SM: Joe Hardin (Now in sales at WBNS-FM in Columbus, Ohio)
GM/SM: Amy Painter
PD: Keith Wade
PD: Shari Scott
PD: Winston Hawkins
Mornings: Joe and Keith (6am - 10am)
Mornings: Don LeDoux ("VooDoo Guru")
Middays: Kris Kelly (? - July 2002)
Middays: Mandi Michaels (July 2002 - ?) (From weekends at WMDH)
Afternoons: Susan Steale
Afternoons: Chris Green ("Justin Case") (? - July 2002) (From overnights at WLBC)
Afternoons: Chris Cronan (From weekends at WQLK)
Nights: Brian Matthews
Nights: Brian Bruchey

Station History

97.5fm signed on December 31, 1994. WTGR was the sister station to now-deleted WBNN(AM). It signed on December 31, 1994. In September 2002, it changed formats from Hot AC to Classic Rock. In January 2004, it changed formats again from Classic Rock to its current Country format.

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