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The Essentials

Call Letters: WMDH-FM
Frequency: 102.5fm
City of License: New Castle
Metro(s): Muncie
Power: 50,000 watts @ 500 feet (Class B)
Format: Country
Address: P.O. Box 690, New Castle, IN 47362-0690
Address: 1134 W. State Road 38, New Castle, IN 47362-9781
Phone: 765.529.2600
Ownership: Cumulus Media, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


Chief Engineer: David Seal
News Director: Mike Lees
Promotions Director: Chris Carter
Mornings: Anna Marie (6am - 10am)
Middays: Mike Lees (10am - 3pm) (April 2001 - ?)
Afternoons: DJ Tater (3pm - 7pm)
Nights: Nights With Elaina (7pm - 12am)
Overnights: Later with Lia (12am - 6am)
Weekends: Country Gold with Terri Clari (Saturday 6am - 10am)
Weekends: Nights with Elaina (Saturday 7pm - 12am)
Weekends: Andrew Phipps ("Phipps Gospel Sing") (Sunday 7am - 9am)
Weekends: American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks (Sunday 9am - 1pm)




Market Manager/GM: Todd Merickel (October 2008 - October 2013)
Market Manager/GM: Kit Osborne
GM: Angela Hoyt
GM: Donald Hodges
GM: Ernie Caldemone (October 2000 - ?)
SM: Paulette Lees
OM/PD: Clint Marsh (November 2000 - ?) (From PD/afternoons at WPOR in Portland, Maine)
PD: Jay Michaels (July 2004 - July 2006)
PD: Jon Sipes
PD: Brian Sims (Now PD/morning co-host at WGTR in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
PD: Chris Chase (September 2011 - May 2012)
PD: Chris Carter (May 2012 - 2016) (Now GM at WEEM)
PD/MD: Shane Goad (? - September 2011)
MD: Brent Lee (1997 - August 1998)
MD: Sherry Sinclair (January 2002 - ?)
News Director: Bryan Pitts (Now GSM with WVNN in Huntsville, Alabama)
Sports Director: Dan Ross
Production Director: Brent Lee (1996-1998)
Production Director: Dave Richards (? - January 2005)
Production Director: Jim Barbee (June 1, 2001 - ?) (From WPFT in Dayton, Ohio)
Promotions Director: Cara Denis (Now APD/Mornings at KCLR in Columbia, Missouri)
Production Director: Amanda Rollen
Mornings: Robin Collins (? - June 2000)
Mornings: Clint Marsh (5:30am - 10am) (April 2001 - ?) (From PD/afternoons at WPOR in Portland, Maine)
Mornings: Holly Johnson (5:30am - 10am)
Mornings: Bryan Pitts (5:30am - 10am) (? - April 2001) (Now GSM with WVNN in Huntsville, Alabama)
Mornings: Kelli Thompson (5:30am - 10am) (April 2001 - October 2001) (Now mornings at WGNR)
Mornings: Sherry Sinclair (5:30am - 10am) (November 26, 2001 - ?) (From middays at WXFL in Florence, Alabama)
Mornings: Teri Armstrong (5:30am - 10:00am) (November 2002 - March 2006)
Mornings: Jay Michaels (5:30am - 10:00am) (July 2004 - July 2006) (Now afternoons at WFMS)
Mornings: Brian Sims (5:30am - 10am) (co-host) (Now PD/morning co-host at WGTR in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
Mornings: Cara Denis (5:30am - 10am) (co-host) (Now APD/Mornings at KCLR in Columbia, Missouri)
Mornings: Shane Goad (5:30am - 10am) (? - 2011)
Mornings: Michelle Cook ("Michelle") (5:30am - 10am)
Mornings: Jason Sloan ("Sluby") (5:30am - 10am) (? - 2014) (Now out of radio)
Mornings: Deacon (5am - 10am) (from Middays) (October 27, 2014 - ?) (From middays at WZPL)
Mornings: Amanda Rollen (5am - 10am) (from Middays) (October 27, 2014 - ?)
Mornings: Colin Matthews
Middays: Cayla McLeland ("Cayla") (10am - 3pm)
Middays: Phil Dashler (10am - 3pm)
Afternoons: Brent Lee (1996 - August 1998)
Afternoons: Jerry Pate (3pm - 7pm)
Afternoons: Chris Chase (3pm - 7pm) (2009 - May 2012; Afternoons: 2010 - May 2012) (From middays)
Afternoons: Bill Murphy ("Wild Bill") (3pm - 7pm) (From Nights)
Afternoons: Zach McCoy (3pm - 7pm)
Afternoons: Chris Carter (3pm - 7pm) (Now GM at WEEM)
Nights: Joe Michaels (7pm - 12am)
Nights: Jeff Reynolds (7pm - 12am)
Nights: Jon Sipes
Nights: CMT Radio Live With Cody Alan (7pm - 12am)
Nights: Nash Nights Live (7pm - 12am)
Overnights: After Midnight With Blair Garner (12am - 5am)
Overnights: Kickin' it with Kix (12am - 5am)
Weekends: Mandi Michaels
Weekends: Larry Bennett ("Saturday Morning Memories") (1993 - 1998)
Weekends: Brian Anthony
Weekends: Chad Niccum
Weekends: Jeff Reynolds
Weekends: Jef Compton
Weekends: American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks (Saturday 9am - 1pm)
Weekends: "Dash" ("Saturday Morning Memories with Dash") (Saturday 5am - 9am)
Weekends: Country Top 40 (Saturday 9am - 1pm)
Weekends: Mike Lees (Saturday 1pm - 4pm)
Weekends: Kent Holmes (Saturday 4pm - 8pm)
Weekends: Payne Horning (Saturday 8pm - 12am)
Weekends: Public Forum with Mike Lees (Sunday 6am - 6:30am)
Weekends: Faith Chapel Independent Baptist Church in Knightstown (Sunday 7am - 7:30am)
Weekends: Music with a Message, with Cook and Belle (Sunday 10:30am - 1pm)
Weekends: Tyler (Sunday 1pm - 3pm)
Weekends: CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan (Sunday 7pm - 11pm)
Airstaff: Jeff Reynolds (Now mornings at WTHI)
Airstaff: Kelly Stokes (? - March 2008)

Station History


On March 9, 1949, they were granted a CP for 102.5fm, running 4000 watts at 250 feet. Not sure what happened between 1949 and the second (?) sign on in 1976.


102.5fm signed on August 6, 1976. In November 1998, Citadel Communications Corp. purchased WMDH-FM (and sister WMDH(AM) from Wicks Broadcasting Group as a part of a 16 station deal for $77 million. That sale included sister WWKI. Investment firm Forstmann Little & Co. purchased Citadel in January 2001 for $1 billion, plus debt. Citadel Communications Corp. merged with Cumulus Media, Inc. on September 16, 2011.

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