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The Essentials

Call Letters: WFNI
Frequency: 1070am
City of License: Indianapolis
Metro(s): Indianapolis
Power: 50,000 watts - Day, 10,000 watts - Night (DA-2) (Class B)
Format: Sports
Address: One EMMIS Plaza, 40 Monument Circle, Suite 600, Indianapolis, IN 46204-3016
Phone: 317.266.9422
Ownership: Emmis Communications Corp.
Web Presence:
Notes: Also simulcast on W231CB

Station Personnel


Market Manager/GM: Charles Williams
Chief Engineer: Jeff Dinsmore
Director of Sales: Mike Cortese
GSM: Eric Wunnenberg
National Sales Manager: Patty England (1999 - Current)
OM: Bob Richards (October 1, 2009 - Current)
PD: Greg Rakestraw (April 29, 2013 - Current)
Production Director: Matt Barnett ("Sean Matthews")
Imaging Director: Steve O'Brien
Promotions Director: Anna Coons
Early Mornings: SportsCenter AM (4am - 6am)
Mornings: Mike and Mike in the Morning (6am - 10am)
Late Mornings: The Grady & Big Joe Show (10am - 12pm)
Early Afternoons: The Dan Dakich Show (12pm - 3pm)
Afternoons: John Michael Vincent ("The Ride with JMV") (3pm - 7pm)
Early Evenings: SportsCenter Tonight (7pm - 8pm)
Nights: The Brian Kenny Show (8pm - 10pm)
Late Nights: SportsCenter Tonight (10pm - 1am)
Overnights: All Night with Jason Smith (1am - 4am)



President: C. Walter McCarty
President: Richard M. Fairbanks (Deceased 11 August 2000)
GM: Kenneth W. Church
GM: George Biggar
GM: Roy G. Cooper
GM: Tom Severino (Deceased 5 July 2009)
Chief Engineer: Harry Adams
Chief Engineer: Michael Russell
Chief Engineer: Norm Beaty
Director of Sales: J. Chapman (2001 - 2005)
GSM: Tim Medland
GSM: Dennis Logston
GSM: Lori Ballard
GSM: Jacki Petersson
LSM: Jack Marsella
OM: Bobby Hatfield
OM: Jon P. Quick
OM/PD: Ed Lennon
Assistant OM/PD: Kent Sterling
PD/MD: Bob Christy
PD: Ed Mason
PD: Jed Duvall
PD: Andy Bickel
PD: Mary June Rose
News Director: Fred Heckman (Deceased 28 May 2001)
News Director: Leigh DeNoon
News Director: Sherry Fisher (June 2, 2007 - ?) (From News Director at WTVN(AM) in Columbus, Ohio) (Now GM of The Delaware Gazette in Delaware, Ohio.)
Production Director: Jack Morrow
Production Director: Pat Walton
Promotions Director: Gary Todd
Promotions Director: Pam Cohen
Promotions Director: Morry Smulevitz
Promotions Director: Susan Wells
News Director: Sharon Alseth (2004 - ?)


Market Manager/GM: Charlie Morgan (September 14, 2009 - ?)
Director of Engineering: Jake Robinson (2010 - 2018) (Now Assistant Chief Engineer at WRTV-TV.)
PD: David Wood (January 11, 2010 - May 2013) (Now PD at WIBC-FM)

Station History

1070am signed on October 31, 1938.


WIBC signed on October 31, 1938. Stations calls stand for "Indiana Broadcasting Corp." Studios located at 30 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204. In October 1948, Indiana Broadcasting Corp. sold WIBC to Fairbanks Broadcasting Co., Inc. In the 1960's at least, the station was MOR, typical of most of the larger AM's in the USA. Studios located at 2835 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208-4705. (Telephone: 317.924.5211). In 1983, Fairbanks Broadcasting Co., Inc. sold WIBC(AM) and sister WNAP-FM to Blair Broadcasting. When Blair bought the stations, they moved both WIBC(AM) and WNAP-FM to 9292 N. Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 (Telephone: 317.844.7200). In mid-1987, Blair Broadcasting sold WIBC(AM) and WNAP-FM to Sconnix Broadcasting Co. (Horizon Broadcasting, Inc.) as part of a $152 million deal. By 1993, WIBC's format changed to news/talk. In June 1994, Sconnix Broadcasting Co. sold WIBC and WKLR-FM for $26 million to Emmis Communications Corp.. In 1998, the Emmis Communications Corp. radio stations moved from 9292 N. Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 (Telephone: 317.844.7200) to One EMMIS Plaza, 40 Monument Circle, Suite 600, Indianapolis, IN 46204-3016. The WIBC call letters migrated to 93.1fm on December 26, 2007. On that date, WIBC-FM began airing old sports play by play broadcasts. On January 7, 2008, WIBC became an ESPN Radio affiliate. After 70 years, 1070am is now WFNI.


WIBC flipped format from news/talk to Sports and call letters to WFNI, all on January 1, 2008. In July 2015, Kaspar Broadcasting Co., Inc. sold W228CX for $512,000 to Emmis Communications Corp.

For Further Reading...

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