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The Essentials

Call Letters: WKLU
Frequency: 101.9fm
City of License: Brownsburg
Metro(s): Indianapolis
Power: 4000 watts @ 355 feet (Class A)
Format: Contemporary Christian
Address: 8120 Knue Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250-1937
Phone: 800.434.8400
Phone: 317.570.3122
Ownership: Educational Media Foundation
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


Mornings: Amy Baumann (6am - 11am)
Mornings: Mike Kankelfritz ("Kankelfritz") (6am - 11am)
Mornings: Skip Mahaffey ("Skip") (6am - 11am) (October 2016 - Current) (From mornings at KPLX in Dallas, Texas)
Middays: Kelli Caldwell (11am - 4pm)
Evenings: Scott Smith (4pm - 9pm)
Overnights: Larry Wayne (9pm - 3am)
Overnights: Monika Kelly (3am - 6am)



GM/PD: Stephen Ross
Chief Engineer: Niles Geboe
GSM: Irma Lee White
OM: Dale Edwards
News Director: John Marer


GM/PD: Bruce Quinn
GM: Bart Johnson (Now GM at at WSYW/WEDJ)
GM: Mark Clark (From GM at WALK in Patchogue, New York)
Chief Engineer: Niles Geboe
SM: Irma Lee White
PD: Libby Farr
Promotions Director: Mitzi Graham
Mornings: Dan Somers (5am - 10am) (November 2000 - January 2001)
Mornings: Libby Farr (6am - 9am) (From Afternoons)
Mornings: Craig West (6am - 11am) (November 4, 2011 - May 2016)
Mid-Mornings: Crystal McKenzie (9am - 11am)
Middays: Mathew Albro (11am - 4pm)
Late Mornings: Jill Savage (9am - 11am) (From mornings at WTTS)
Middays: Kevin Spencer (10am - 2pm) (Deceased August 25, 2008)
Middays: Mitzi (11am - 3pm)
Middays: Bruce Quinn (11am - 3pm)
Afternoons: Adam Ritz (2pm - 6pm)
Afternoons: Jeff Lewis (4pm - 8pm)
Nights: Dan Scott (8pm - 1am)
Late Nights: Danno (10pm - 2am)
Overnights: Kirk Ardery
Overnights: Chris Fox (1am - 6am)
Weekends: Jay Baker (From Mornings: December 2000 - ?) (From middays at WFBQ)
Weekends: James Brown (From Nights)
Weekends: Dr. Michael Lynn
Weekends: Scott Sanford (From afternoons at WEDJ)

Station History

101.9fm signed on March 23, 1992.


Owned by Quinn Broadcasting, Inc. with studios located at 733 N. Green Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112 (Telephone: 317.852.9119). WQFE's website was WQFE's Call letters stand for Quinn Family Enterprises. CP approved in June 1996 to increase to 3700 watts. WQFE changed formats from Oldies to Classic Rock in April 1999. WQFE became WKLU as approved by the FCC on April 1, 1999. In October 2004, Quinn Broadcasting, Inc. sold WKLU for $6.2 million to Russ Oasis' Indy Radio LLC.


WKLU changed formats from Classic Hits to Oldies at Midnight on 4 December 2007, kicking off its new "Oldies 101.9" format with The Grass Roots' 1968 hit "Midnight Confessions." Sold in 2009 by Indy Radio LLC to Educational Media Foundation. On September 15, 2009, at 6:00pm, "Oldies 101.9" signs off as an oldies station. Before that, a farewell show aired, featuring one-on-one interviews between former WKLU PD Scott Roddy and both air personalities and support staff (starting with, of course, the secretary). When 6:00pm came around, the last song played was "Thank You For Being a Friend" by Andrew Gold, followed by Porky Pig's famous signoff: "That's All Folks!"

For Further Reading...

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