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The Essentials

Call Letters: WAWK
Frequency: Formerly 1570am
Frequency: 1140am
City of License: Kendallville
Metro(s): Fort Wayne
Power: 250 Watts - Daytime (ND)
Format: Oldies
Address: 931 East Avenue, Kendallville, IN 46755-1103
Phone: 260.347.2400
Ownership: Northeast Indiana Broadcasting, Inc.
Web Presence:
Notes: Also heard on translator W238BH

Station Personnel


GM: John O'Rourke
Chief Engineer: Greg Case
News Director: Mike Shultz
Sports Director: Mike Shultz
Mornings: John O'Rourke (5:30am - 10:00am)
Mornings: Mike Shultz (News) (5:30am - 10:00am)
Middays: Mike Shultz (10:00am - 1:00pm)
Weekends: Rich Hartley (Saturday: 3:00pm - 7:00pm)
Weekends: Rob Lawson
Weekends: Terry Thacker



GM: Charles Palmquist, Jr.
PD: Donald Head
News Director: William Miller


President: Weldon Cornell
President/GM: Paul L. King (From VP)
President/GM: Don Moore (Deceased 13 January 2013)
VP/PD: Fred Manahan
Chief Engineer: John Riddle
SM: Kelly Howard
PD: Scott Pawl
PD: Fred Manahan
PD: Ken Jeffries (Now nights at WLKI)
Promotions Director: Walter Weaver
Mornings: Mike Shultz (Signon - 12pm)
Afternoons: Alex Andres ("Alex "Screamin" Freeman") (Deceased January 1995)
Afternoons: Scott Paul (12pm - 6pm)
Afternoons: Steve Brelz (1:00pm - 6:00pm) (Now Production Director at WAJI/WLDE)
Nights: Don Moore (6pm - Signoff) (Deceased 13 January 2013)
Robert Dudash (Deceased 1 April 1999) ("Bob Dean")

Station History

1570am signed on May 9, 1956.


What's now WAWK(AM) began as WKTL on 1570am. WKTL(AM) was a 250 watt directional daytimerI .


WAWK(AM) signed on November 9, 1955 on 1570am. The call letters stand for "W-Auburn-W-Kendallville." Owned by Noble DeKalb Broadasting Co. WAWK(AM) moved from 1570am to 1140am on June 18, 1965. In 1991, Northeast Indiana Broadcasting, Inc. purchased WAWK for $125,000. On April 10, 2010, W238BH signed on as a simulcast of WAWK(AM).

For Further Reading...

"For The Record" Broadcasting 70, no. 8 (February 21, 1966): 106.

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