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The Essentials

Call Letters: WBYT
Frequency: 100.7fm
City of License: Elkhart
Metro(s): South Bend
Power: 15,000 watts @ 909 feet (Class B)
Format: Country
Address: 237 W. Edison Road, Suite 200, Mishawaka, IN 46545-8300
Phone: 574.258.5483
Ownership: Pathfinder Communications Corp.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Stephanie Michel (From Director of Sales/SM)
GSM: Erica Ogle
PD: Jesse Garcia (May 5, 2010 - Current) (From OM at the NRG Media radio stations in Stevens Point and Wausau, Wisconsin)
APD/MD: Brad King
Production Director: Pete Farrow
Mornings: Debra Miles (5:30am - 10am) (March 2005 - Current. Middays: October 2000 - March 2005) (From news anchor at WAOR, WBYT, WNIL, WRBR and WTRC)
Middays: Brad King (10am - 3pm)
Afternoons: Jesse Garcia (3pm - 7pm) (May 5, 2010 - Current) (From OM at the NRG Media radio stations in Stevens Point and Wausau, Wisconsin)
Nights: Brittney Baily (7pm - 12am)
Overnights: Keith Moody ("Moody After Midnight") (12am - 5:30am)
Weekends: Best of Mornings with Deb (Saturday 6am - 10am)
Weekends: Keith Moody (Saturday 10am - 3pm)
Weekends: Brittney Baily (Saturday 3pm - 7pm)
Weekends: Big Time Saturday Night with Whitney Allen (Saturday 7pm - 12am)
Weekends: After Midnite with Blair Garner (Sunday 12am - 6am)
Weekends: Viewpoints (Sunday 6am - 7am)
Weekends: Rick Jackson's Country Classics (Sunday 7am - 10am)
Weekends: Country Countdown U.S.A. with Lon Helton (Sunday 10am - 1pm)
Weekends: Amy Watson (Sunday 1pm - 7pm)
Weekends: Mark McGill (Sunday 7pm - 12am)



GM: Don McFall
GM: Edwin J. Lasko
Chief Engineer: Lester Zellmer
Chief Engineer: Woodrow Hawkins
SM: Don E. Fuller
OM: Ed Huot
Promotions Manager: Ken Owens


VP/GM: Robert Elliott (Deceased 2 February 2001)
GM/SM: Ed Huot
Chief Engineer: Tom Montgomery
SM: Patrick Ferraro
OM: Gene Walker
PD: Allen Strike
Promotions Director: Ken Hinrichs


GM: Steven Kline
OM: Gene Walker
PD: Keith Wright (September 1992 - October 1993)
Promotions Director: Bob Maxwell


GM: Steve Kline
GM: Brad Williams (Now COO for parent Pathfinder Communications Corp.)
GM: Clint Marsh (From GM at WAWC, WRSW(AM) and WRSW-FM)
Chief Engineer: Greg Trobridge
GSM: Barb Deniston
OM/PD: Tom Oakes (PD: July 2001 - April 9, 2004) (From PD at KMXM in Omaha, Nebraska) (Now GM for KBBO-FM, KDBZ-FM, KFAT-FM, and KRPM in Anchorage, Alaska)
OM/PD: Clint Marsh (From OM/PD/Mornings at WMDH-FM) (Now GM for WAOR, WBYT, WRBR and WTRC-FM)
PD: Dave Steele (August 1998 - April 1999) (From KFGE in Lincoln, Nebraska)
PD: Ralph Cherry (? - July 2001) (Now OM at the Clear Channel stations in Fort Smith, Arkansas)
APD/MD: Lisa Kosty (APD: April 1999 - December 17, 2004; MD: ? - December 17, 2004)
APD: Alex B. Stinger
Production Director: Tami Wells (February 1999 - ?; From nights)
Production Director: Melanie Myers
Imaging Director: Alex B. Stinger (March 2005 - ?)
Mornings: Gary Hegland
Mornings: Dirk Rowley (? - September 2000) (Now mornings at WAJI)
Mornings: Lisa Kosty (1994 - December 17, 2004)
Mornings: Rick Hummer (5:30am - 10am)
Mornings: Tom Scott (5:30am - 10am) (October 2000 - ?) (From APD/morning co-host at WOW-FM in Omaha, Nebraska)
Mornings: Cody Austin (5:30am - 10am)
Mornings: Jim Mackey (5:30am - 10am) (? - 2019)
Middays: Gary Hegland
Middays: David Amick ("Daredevil Dave" on the morning show, too) (? - March, 2000) (Now part owner, OM, and mornings at KUSO in Albion, Nebraska)
Middays: Alex B. Stinger (March 2005 - ?) (Nights: 2003 - March 2005) (From WGRL)
Afternoons: Clint Marsh ("CP Marsh") (3pm - 7pm) (From OM/PD/Mornings at WMDH-FM) (Now GM for WAOR, WBYT, WRBR and WTRC-FM)
Nights: Tommie Lee (Now afternoon news anchor at WTRC(AM)/WTRC-FM)
Nights: Kelsey Quinn (Nights: February 1999 - Current; From weekends)
Nights: Lia Neon Nights (7pm - 12am) (? - 2003)
Nights: Shaun Szymborski ("Shaun Kelly") (July 2002 - ?) (From weekends at WLJE)
Nights: Shannon Marie
Overnights: AfterMidNite with Blair Garner (12am - 5:30am)
Weekends: After Midnite with Blair Garner (Saturday 12am - 6am)
Weekends: Heather Hayes (Sunday 1pm - 7pm)
Pete Probst (Now APD/MD at WETL)

Station History

100.7fm signed on April 1, 1947.



Easy listening format.


Lite AC format in the mid 1990s.


WBYT debuted in the summer of 1994.

For Further Reading...

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