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The Essentials

Call Letters: WAJI
Frequency: 95.1fm
City of License: Fort Wayne
Metro(s): Fort Wayne
Power: 39,000 watts @ 679 feet (Class B)
Format: Hot AC
Address: 347 West Berry Street, Suite 417, Fort Wayne, IN 46802-2241
Phone: 260.423.3676
Ownership: Sarkes Tarzian, Inc.
Web Presence:

Station Personnel


GM: Lee Tobin (June 2008 - Current; From OM/PD: February 1985 - June 2008) (From PD at WRKA in Louisville, Kentucky)
Chief Engineer: Jamie Till
Sales Manager: Bart Schacht
OM/PD: "Captain" Chris Didier
Promotions Director: Alina Davis (January 2018 - Current)
Mornings: Sean Copeland (5:30am - 9am)
Middays: Barb Richards (10am - 3pm) (1996 - Current)
Afternoons: Zack Skyler (3pm - 7pm)



GM/NSM: Richard Morgan
GM: William L. Shaw
GM: David D. Miller
Chief Engineer: Jerry Bower
Chief Engineer: Jim Parent
Chief Engineer: Dick Pratt
Chief Engineer: Gene Gildow
Chief Engineer: Ken Kendall
Chief Engineer: George Castle
LSM: Ralph Lathan
PD: Olin Morris
PD: Al Hervey
PD: Dick Lee
PD: Robert Carlin
News Director: Bob Faul
Production Director: Olin Morris
Promotions Director: Bill Holmes
Promotions Director: James Ellenwood ("Diamond Jim Brady") (Deceased 8 March 2010)


GM: R. Geoffrey Vargo
Chief Engineer: Jack Didier (Now Director of Engineering for Pathfinder Communications Corp.)
PD: Mark Elliott
Promotion Director: Andrew Dawson ("Drew Dawson") (April 1983 - February 1985)
Afternoons: Diane Shannon
Newsperson: Melissa Long (Retired)
Airstaff: Andrew Dawson ("Drew Dawson") (April 1983 - February 1985)


Owner: Sarkes Tarzian (Deceased 7 October 1987)
GM: Candace Wendling (Retired)
Chief Engineer: Ed Didier (Now Chief Engineer of the Adams Radio Group, Inc. radio stations in Fort Wayne.)
Sales Manager: Daryl McIntire (March 1986 - June 2009) (Now DOS of WGCL/W241CD and WTTS-FM)
Sales Manager: Shelly Steckler (Now GSM of WBYR)
Promotions Director: Holly Raney
Promotions Director: Dave B. Goode
Production Director: Douglas B. Pritchett
Production Director: Matt Myers (August 1998 - ?)
Production Director: Dave Eubanks (formerly Afternoons)
Production Director: Jeff Moore (June 2011 - September 2013)
PD: Barb Richards (1996 - 2012)
PD: Dan Baisden (July 5, 2012 - 2015) (From PD at the Grenax Broadcasting stations in Flagstaff, Arizona) (Now weekends at WWFW)
APD/MD: Jim Barron (Now mornings at WBCL)
MD: Nick Parker (Now out of radio)
MD: Marti Taylor-Dee (January 2005 - ?)
Promotions Director: Kenna Fast
Promotions Director: Randy Alomar (Now PD/afternoons at WBTU)
Promotions Director: John O'Rourke (Now GM at WELT-LP in Fort Wayne.)
Mornings: Nanette Lanfear (5:30am - 9am) (February 2000 - 2000)
Mornings: Dave Collins (5:30am - 9am) (? - 2000)
Mornings: Douglas B. Pritchett (Now out of radio)
Mornings: "Majic" Mark Evans (1983 - June 1998)
Mornings: Mike Kendall (? - December 12, 1998) (Now Chief Programming Officer for Relevant Radio)
Mornings: Carrie "Bud" Wellman (Now mornings at sister station WLDE)
Mornings: Holly Raney (Producer) (May 1999 - ?)
Mornings: Don Gore (Producer) (June 1998 - ?)
Mornings: James Dee (Producer) (1996-1997)
Mornings: TJ McKay (Producer) (1994)
Mornings: Dr. Dave (5:30am - 9am) (October 1999 - ?)
Mornings: Andy Beckman (5:30am - 9am) (Producer) (Now morning co-host at WMEE)
Mornings: Jeannette Rinard (5:30am - 9am) (September 2000 - July 2012; ? - November 1999)
Mornings: Dirk Rowley (5:30am - 10am) (September 2000 - ?) (From mornings at WBYT)
Mornings: Sid Kelly (5:30am - 10am) (July 2014 - 2015) (From Mornings at WVKS in Toledo, Ohio.)
Mornings: James Redding (From Executive Producer of the "Matty in the Morning" show at WXKS-FM in Boston, Massachusetts.)
Late Mornings: Jeannette Rinard (10am - 12pm) (? - July 2012)
Middays: Mandi Michaels (10am - 3pm) (October 2014 - ?)
Afternoons: Jim Barron (2pm - 7pm) (October 1999 - ?) (Now mornings at WBCL)
Afternoons: "Big" Dave Eubanks
Afternoons: Dan Baisden ("Dan Kennedy") (3pm - 7pm) (Now weekends at WWFW)
Afternoons: John O'Rourke (Now GM at WELT-LP in Fort Wayne.)
Nights: Marti Taylor-Dee (7pm - 1am) (MD/Middays: 1995-1998)
Nights: John Tesh (7pm - 12am)
Nights: Dave B. Goode (7pm - 12am)
Late Nights: Jim Patricks
Overnights: Craig Alan (1am - 5:30am)
Overnights: Ace Nickels
Weekends: Roxanne Butler (1994) (Now out of radio)
Weekends: Kurt Edwards (1991 - 1994)
Weekends: Miranda Rae (1994 - 1997)
Weekends: Scott Howard (1999)
Weekends: Keith Maddox ("Keith Hall")
Weekends: John Tesh (Sunday 9am - 12pm and 10pm - 12am)

Station History

95.1fm signed on February 8, 1960.


WPTH ran 44,000 watts @ 680 feet. Rock format. Studios located at 3333 Butler Road, Fort Wayne, IN (Telephone: Anthony 7125, later 219.742.7125, later 219.483.0584).


AC format. Studios located at 2260 Lake Avenue, Suite 230, Fort Wayne (Telephone: 219.423.3676). Rock format. WFWQ changed call letters and became WAJI on 5 September 1985. (Get it? 9/5? They're on 95.1fm)


For Further Reading...

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Smith, Denise. "Death" Broadcasting & Cable 29 June 1998. Page 95.

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