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The Essentials

Call Letters: WMXQ
Frequency: 93.5fm
City of License: Hartford City
Metro(s): Anderson/Muncie
Power: 3400 watts @ 456 feet, DA (Class A)
Format: Classic Rock
Address: 9821 S. 800 W., Daleville, IN 47334
Phone: 765.378.2080
Ownership: Woof Boom Radio
Web Presence:
Notes: Also simulcast on W252CY

Station Personnel


GM: J Chapman
Chief Engineer: Sean Mattingly
GSM: Sue Tschuor
SM: Preston Corey
OM: Steve Lindell
PD: Jay Garrison
News Director: Bryon Maddox
Mornings: Brian Casey (6am - 10am)
Middays: Jaybo (10am - 3pm)
Afternoons: Zach Johnson ("Zack Attack") (3pm - 7pm)
Nights: Alice Cooper ("Alice Cooper Nights") (7pm - 12am)
Weekends: Lora
Weekends: Sean Spence
Weekends: Wade Stokes



President: John R. Maddox
GM: Bill Morris (1972-1975)
GM: Rob Rupe (1976-1983) (Now mornings at WIOU)
Chief Engineer: Mark Prout
GSM: Larry Stewart
PD: Mark Prout
MD: Bernie Eagan (Now afternoons at WYXB)
News Director: Paul Russell
Promotions Director: Duane Beeson


GM: Judy Kvale (Deceased 7 January 2017)
SM: Rick Stephens
PD: Sean Mattingly
MD: Tom Nichols
News Director: Paul Russell


VP/Market Manager: Brett Beshore (December 2005 - May 2007)
GM: Greg Delmonaco (Deceased 11 August 2003)
SM: Camellia Pflum (April 2000 - August 2003)
LSM: Val Abram
OM: Steve Lindell
OM: Jay Garrison
PD: Tom Willhoite (November 2000 - December 2001)
PD: Bryon Maddox ("Brian Thomas") (? - December 2007)
News Director: Tom Hammond (Deceased 14 March 2007)
News Director: Dave Stout (August 2007 - March 5, 2009) (Deceased 5 March 2009)
Mornings: Paul Poteet (also was a weatherman at WRTV-TV in Indianapolis) (? - November 2000)
Mornings: Gerri
Mornings: Sarah Slater
Mornings: Paul Poteet (also was a weatherman at WRTV-TV in Indianapolis)
Mornings: Tom Wilhoite ("John") (? - December 2001)
Mornings: Bryon Maddox ("Brian Thomas") (6am - 10am) (? - December 2007)
Middays: Oleita Martin ("Kay Lee") (April, 2000 - November 2000)
Middays: Jay Garrison (10am - 3pm)
Middays: Trevis Bird ("T-Bird") (? - 2005) (Now Promotions and Marketing Manager at KFWB(AM) and KNX(AM) in Los Angeles, California)
Afternoons: Greg Budell (April 1999 - 2000)
Afternoons: Lora Armstrong ("MacKenzie Lee") (3pm - 7pm)
Nights: Dan Ross (7pm - 12am)
Overnights: Sean Spence
Weekends: Dan Ross
Weekends: Wade Stokes
Weekends: Chloe Savage
Weeeknds: Lee Jackson


VP/GM: Bruce Law (August 2007 - March 2011) (Now VP/GM of the Saga Communications' radio stations in Asheville, North Carolina)
GM: Bill Hatheway
GM: Amy Dillon
GSM: Vori Dhabolt
SM: Preston Corey
Mornings: Randy Rankin (6am - 10am)
Afternoons: Lora Armstrong ("MacKenzie Lee") (3pm - 7pm)
Weekends: Dan Ross

Station History

The Hartford City allocation on 93.5fm began on 104.9fm and signed on February 26, 1965.


The station moved to 93.5fm in January 1986.


In January 1999, WWWO changed call letters to WHTY. Studios formerly located at 5216 Bradburn Drive, Muncie, IN 47304-9410 (Telephone: 765.289.9500). Classic Hits format.


WHTY simulcast WHTI. Studios located at 9821 S. 800 W., Daleville, IN 47334 (Telephone: 765.378.2080). WHTY flipped to Classic Rock in November 2000. Sabre Communications purchased all of the properties (WHTI, WHTY, WERK, WURK, and WHBU) from Michael Schwartz' Indiana Radio Partners in July 2001 for $8 million total.


Backyard Broadcasting sold all of its Muncie radio stations in April 2013 for $4.45 million to Woof Boom Radio. WMXQ-FM simulcast their signal on what was then WMQX.

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"Changing Hands" Broadcasting & Cable 131, no. 30 (2001): 34.

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